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Women In Listed Derivatives Tackle Sexual Harassment at Work Blog,Feature

Women In Listed Derivatives, aka WILD, held a workshop on “Sexual Harassment at Work in the #MeToo Era” on Thursday at Chicago’s Union League Club. The good news is that it was well attended and very participatory; the audience listened avidly to Jennifer Gilbert, an attorney with the employment discrimination firm Stowell & Friedman, and asked a great many questions and follow up questions. The bad news is that even though the raucous, anything goes atmosphere of the old trading floors is all but gone, sexual harassment is not. The types of sexual harassment Gilbert outlined were familiar to the…

WILD Women Make Sound Investment Decisions Blog,Fintech,Investing & Trading,Mwiki

Women will have $22 trillion of investing wealth by 2020. Now that women actually have their own money, they – like men – need to know how to make it grow with savings and investments. Women are projected to have $22 trillion of the investing wealth by the year 2020 – they had better know what to do with it. Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), which has become well known for its efforts in the advancement of women in the financial industry, brought together another room full of highly accomplished women on Tuesday for a panel on Women and Personal…

Women in Fintech Panel at Expo Highlights Problems and Solutions Blog,Fintech

Both women and men gave high marks to the Women in Listed Derivatives-sponsored panel on Women Who Shape Fintech, moderated by Diane Saucier, the president of WILD and client relationship manager at Fitch Learning. Some of the takeaways were: There is still a “confidence gap” between men and women. For example, women are often hesitant to apply for a particular job unless they meet 100 percent of the qualification requirements, whereas men often take a chance even if they only meet 70 percent. Only about 7 percent of entrepreneurs getting funding are women. And there are even fewer in fintech….

Women In Listed Derivatives 4th Annual Symposium | The Evolution of Women in Listed & OTC Derivatives Interview,Video

October 15, 2015 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM with networking drinks until 8:00 PMFederal Reserve Bank of ChicagoThird Floor Conference Center230 South LaSalle StreetChicago, Illinois Cost is $50 Come join us for an interesting and inspiring symposium on the constant changing nature of the derivatives industry and the role of women in it. Three panels – The Generation Shift; Evolution of Women in Risk and IT Roles; and Evolution of Trading – will feature 11 speakers, as well as remarks from Craig S. Donohue, the executive chairman of OCC. Register at:

Five Minutes with Bette Smith Interview,Regulation

Bette Smith

Bette Smith at the end of last year became director of the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, which was launched in April 2012. The new program attracted 31 students for the fall 2012 commodities classes and 53 enrolled for the upcoming Spring 2013 semester. Smith recently spoke about the school and her new position with JLN’s Christine Nielsen. Smith includes her take on why Denver is a good place for an educational center for commodity markets. Q: Please describe the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities and your role there. A: The J.P….

Alice Botis – Fidessa Interview,Tech / HFT,Video

Alice Botis

Alice Botis‘ experience spans from being the first female NASDAQ market maker to heading up Latin American business development for Fidessa. She sat down with John Lothian News editor Jessica Titlebaum to discuss the high frequency trading environment in Latin America, how the MILA initiative (otherwise known as the Integrated Latin American Market) is impacting growth in the region and how the industry has changed for women in this global marketplace.

Five Minutes with Gina McFadden Interview,Options

Gina McFadden

Gina McFadden is president of the Options Industry Council and executive vice president, industry services at The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). She also sits on the steering committee of Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD), founded by Leslie Sutphen and Jessica Titlebaum. She sat down with Sarah Rudolph at the OIC’s offices in Chicago shortly before the IDX FIA/FOA International Derivatives Expo. Q: You are going to attend the IDX conference in London on June 8 and 9. What will you be doing at the conference? A: We’ll be attending the program, including the clearing panel, where Mike Walinskas [OIC senior…