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John Lothian Newsletter: Federal Reserve Notifying SEC, CFTC After Early Release of Minutes; Vienna Bourse Seeks ‘Friendly’ Merger With Warsaw Exchange; LME Sale To HKEx Has Increased Membership John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The US Federal Reserve accidentally leaks its minutes several hours early to a handful of people, and regulators are looking for evidence that early trading on that data took place. Recent talks between exchanges in Vienna and Warsaw will hopefully result in a friendly merger in the coming months, according to folks in Vienna. And the head of the London Metal Exchange says that the recent purchase by Hong Kong Exchanges has resulted in increased LME membership. In today’s First Read section, take a look at the latest JLN video interview with Huseyin Erkan, CEO of the World Federation of…

John Lothian Newsletter: Senate confirms Mary Jo White as SEC chairwoman; Warsaw Exchange Said to Hold Talks With Vienna Exchange; CFTC Said to Subpoena ICAP Brokers, Dealers on Swap Prices John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Mary Jo White receives unanimous approval in her bid for confirmation as chair of the US SEC. The Warsaw and Vienna stock exchanges are in talks to discuss a possible merger. The CFTC has subpoenaed brokers at ICAP with regard to possible rate-fixing, though ICAP says that they don’t contribute to the rate in question.

John Lothian Newsletter: SEC proposes tighter oversight of computer trading; Global Derivatives Trading Fell 15pct In 2012; Warsaw bourse open to consolidation John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The SEC takes a step towards standardizing and improving computerized trading. According to the WFE, derivatives trading around the world took a double-digit hit last year. The new head of the Warsaw Exchange says that actually, it might be ok after all to merge with other exchanges. In today’s First Read, take a look at our new video interview with Walt Lukken of the FIA; and take a look at the A-list for JLN guest editors starting in two weeks.