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A Huge Player in VIX Options Just Changed Its Buying Behavior; Stocks Are Priced for Perfection; 6 Signs of Extreme Stock Market Optimism Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight STAC Options Notes Spencer Doar – JLN It was a lively options market structure panel at STAC’s Mid-Winter Meeting in Chicago Wednesday. Moderated by OCC’s Chief Risk Officer John Fennell, the panelists were BOX CEO Ed Boyle, Dash Financial CEO Peter Maragos, CTC’s Head of Market Structure Steve Crutchfield, and IMC Managing Director Paul Jiganti. Here are some takeaways. Crutchfield gave an example, provided by Trade Alert President Henry Schwartz, of how burdensome bank capital rules can be on big bank clearers (there are pretty much only three) of options liquidity providers. In a very tight put…

Investors Have Never Been More Short Volatility Futures; Some Credit Investors Are Getting Ready for a Market Correction; US equity volatility hits five-decade low Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Rebranding in Three Easy Steps – Brian Cassin “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in New York, Brian Cassin, head of product and strategy with Vela Trading Technologies, breaks down the three steps in rebranding a company. Cassin uses Vela as a case study when going through the importance of rebranding, as Vela is the result of the Wombat and SR Labs tie-up. Cassin says timing is everything, but having a clear message for customers is equally important….