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MIAX Announces New Exchange; Cboe’s New 1-yr VIX; Strong options volume Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight MIAX Sees Green Spencer Doar – JLN The Spread episode linked to below is already missing big news! The 15 exchange-strong U.S. equity options market is getting another younger sibling from the same group – MIAX – that brought the market its 15th exchange. Named Emerald (see what they’re doing here?), the exchange is scheduled to open in Q1 2019 and will “fill a market structure niche not currently offered by the MIAX Exchange Group.” This is yet another step in MIAX’s ever-increasing presence in the options space. According to the monthly Options Liquidity Matrix (link in…

Hawaii, Harvard gambled on calm; Wall Street not quitting vol; More VIX rigging; HFT source code developments Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Harvard, Hawaii Gambled on Market Calm—Then Everything Changed Gregory Zuckerman, Gunjan Banerji and Heather Gillers – WSJ A decade of low bond yields pushed some of the most stability-minded investors to dabble in risky investments that depended on markets being orderly. Now, those bets are looking problematic. In the past, pension funds, endowments and family offices pursued relatively safe investments. After interest rates collapsed on the heels of the financial crisis, they ran into challenges paying pensioners and filling university budgets, and added riskier bets on hedge funds and venture capital in the hopes of winning better returns….