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VIX ETP concerns; Correlation issues; Market catalysts Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight The FT warns advertisers after discovering high levels of domain spoofing Jessica Davies – Digiday The Financial Times has investigated the scale of domain spoofing occurring against its site, and has been shocked by the results. The publisher has found display ads against inventory masquerading as on 10 separate ad exchanges and video ads on 15 exchanges, even though the FT doesn’t even sell video ads programmatically, with 300 accounts selling inventory purporting to be the FT’s. The scale of the fraud uncovered is vast — the equivalent of one month’s supply of bona fide…

Currency vol expectations regarding Jackson Hole; Debt-ceiling concerns; Credit Suisse hires Ebert from BAML Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Risk of sharp currency moves drives investors into hedged ETFs Helen Reid, Saikat Chatterjee and Trevor Hunnicutt – Reuters Investors have been piling into currency-hedged equity tracker funds, seeking protection against big moves in foreign exchange rates. Typically foreign investors buy un-hedged equities since share prices are usually negatively correlated to currencies. In fact, they offer a partial hedge against sharp moves in foreign exchange. / ****SD: How do ETF providers do this? Generally with forwards and options. The “o” word is only mentioned once in the article, but currency derivatives are really the heart of the…

LedgerX gets approval for options clearing; Barclays unwinds remaining oil positions, boosting options volumes; Investor Makes Mammoth VIX Bet That Could Pay Out $265 Million Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Tales from the Crypt: What do Augur, Golem and Gnosis have in common? Spencer Doar – JLN They’re all cryptocurrencies. Though, if you thought, “They’re all words that could appear in folklore” you’d also be correct. In light of LedgerX getting approval from the CFTC to clear options on cryptocurrencies Monday, I thought it prudent to give you a snippet of the larger picture. (More stories regarding LedgerX follow.) Interest and excitement in the space has accelerated rapidly in 2017 due to a number of developments: bitcoin’s eye popping price action/volatility (~$910 at the start of the…

Miami International Holdings and Ledger Holdings Announce Investment in LedgerX Holding Company; FX options a tempting solution – but problems persist; VIX ETFs Have Seen $8.7B In Bullish Bets This Year, Even With VIX Down 30% Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight EDITOR’S NOTE: JLN Options is happy to have Henry Schwartz, President of Trade Alert, as a guest editor this week. The year in options: A tribute to David Letterman Henry Schwartz – Trade Alert I’ve really enjoyed sharing some insights and data from the US options industry with the readers of JLN Options this week. Next year will mark my 30th in this business, which I’ve watched evolve from a surprisingly effective frenzy of hand signals and paper tickets on the floors to a highly efficient hybrid marketplace where some nearly $6B of premium changes hands daily….