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JLN Environmental/Energy: Fresh Hopes on Climate Change; Shutdown Would Scuttle House Pipeline Hearing; Intel Targets Share of $5 Billion Smart-Grid Market Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

Let’s call this edition’s Leads section our science and technology collective. Articles include: IPCC Scientist: Climate change will hit Europe’s competitiveness; South Korean Scientists Use E. Coli to Make Gasoline; Can Bob Inglis Make Republicans Relevant in Climate and Clean Energy Policy? and Intel Targets Share of $5 Billion Smart-Grid Market.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Administration Presses Ahead With Limits on Emissions From Power Plants; Ozone Treaty Offers Quicker Fix for Global Warming; California law to regulate fracking signed by governor Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, continuing coverage of the Obama administration’s push ahead with enacting the first federal carbon limits on the nation’s power companies. The NY Times follows up with Challenges Await Plan to Reduce Emissions. German elections held the globe’s attention. We dive into the contest’s energy implications in Merkel romps to victory but faces tough coalition choices from Reuters. And, the Wall Street Journal’s German Business Demands New Energy Policy.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Analysis: Foes of Obama climate policy prepare battle over cost of carbon; European Wind Market to Shrink for 2 Years, Make Says; Citigroup and GE Finance Pattern Energy Texas Wind Farm Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, political coverage in a Reuters piece on the economic and climate tie-in. Bloomberg, meanwhile, has: Coal Foe Named to FERC Is Latest Obama Pick Drawing Ire. In the carbon space, Allianz Mulls Carbon Credit Expansion After Indonesia Investment.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Shale Grab in U.S. Stalls as Falling Values Repel Buyers; GAO to review how administration developed ‘social cost’ of carbon; Luminant Sued by EPA Over Texas Clean Air Violation Claims Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Coalition’s carbon budget shortfall will be $4 billion, unless . . . reports Climate Spectator. Climate scientists are 95 percent sure that humans are causing global warming, says On the blog front, Harvard Environmental Economics Professor Robert Stavins, blogging on The Energy Collective weighs in with Economics and Politics in California: Cap-and-Trade and Trade Exposure.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Brokered EU Carbon Trade Plunges as Banks Scale Back; Kazakhstan Uses Renewable Energy to Expand Regional Leadership; Intermittent Nature of Green Power Is Challenge for Utilities Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Google’s footprint falls as users emit eight grams of CO2 per day, says Business Green. And, from Australia, the Guardian reports Tony Abbott’s climate plan has $4bn funding gap, new modelling shows. A Bloomberg piece argues Rudd Gloom Misses Australia’s Looming Natural Gas Surge: Economy.

JLN Environmental/Energy: China, India to Drive World’s Growing Energy Use; A Carbon Tax by Any Other Name; Antitrust Probe Targets Halliburton’s Fracking Business Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, developing countries to vastly outpace OECD in carbon emissions -U.S. EIA. A power company says no problem hitting federal carbon cutting targets. And, a Scientific American interview with former Secretary of State George Shultz.

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU finance arm curbs loans to coal-fired power plants; B.C. carbon tax showing positive results; China Weighs Environmental Costs Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, a couple of science-focused articles earned a spot in our Leads section. This markets-focused newsletter typically leaves the science to the professional journals. But here are two examples where science and money mix: Harvesting electricity from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the American Chemical Society and Reuters’ coverage of the journal Nature’s study showing Arctic methane release could cost economy $60 trillion. Also today, Chevron Draws Europe Toward Natural Gas Independence, reports Bloomberg.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Carbon-Cost Change Seen by Republicans as Raising Prices; Britain plans tax breaks for shale gas investment; Asian Coal Use Grows Despite Gas Challenge Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, the push-and-pull of Washington revealed in Carbon-Cost Change Seen by Republicans as Raising Prices from Bloomberg and White House climate advisor tells House Dems what’s coming from The Hill’s E2 Wire. From the solar space, China’s Feud With West on Solar Leads to Tax reports The New York Times. Plus, a new study: Fracking Research Finding No Water Taint Near Drill Site.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Northeast cuts power plant polluting allowances; PG&E, Wildlife Society Back Foreign Offsets in California; Obama energy adviser rejects calls to end biofuels mandate Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, China seeking EU’s input on pollution control. Also today, coverage from the alternative fuels space, in Obama energy adviser rejects calls to end biofuels mandate and Britain to limit funding for new power-only biomass plants.