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OCC Lends a Hand: Stock Lending Business Growing With Clearing Services Blog,Options

When the Options Clearing Corporation changed its name to OCC in 2011, it reflected the clearinghouse’s growing suite of non-options services. One of those products is the clearing of securities lending transactions. That business continues to boom and appears to have much more growth ahead.     In 2015, 1.4 million transactions took place with OCC and the average daily loan value was more than $155 billion, up 16 percent from a year earlier. The program began in 1993, but only took flight in the last four years. It’s still just a fraction of the stock loan business, which gives OCC…

Single Minded: Tom Regazzi of UBS Finds a Niche with Single Stock Futures Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Tom Rigazzi

Single stock futures in the United States were launched in 2001, but are often forgotten since their big splash introduction twelve years ago on two exchanges. Quietly, however, single stock futures have been growing nicely at OneChicago, the sole marketplace for the instrument. Through the first nine months of 2013, its volumes are up 49 percent, with 6.96 million contracts traded, topping total volumes posted in all of 2012. This market has also caught the eye of UBS and Tom Regazzi, managing director at the firm’s Global Synthetic Equity department. He spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about how UBS…