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Chicago’s Newest Trading Floor Will Be Staffed by Humans; Standard Chartered eyes New York energy trading, bucks Wall Street trend: sources; Complex short Vix products draw fire as vol plumbs lows Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight BOXing: Let the Bodies Hit the (Options) Floor Spencer Doar – JLN Golly, there’s been a ton of action in options markets lately. First, the surge of crypto news. Last week, MIAX’s investment in LedgerX received airtime as LedgerX was approved as a derivatives clearing organization (DCO), paving the way for bitcoin options. Then CBOE got into the fray with its announcement yesterday that it has partnered with Gemini, the cryptocurrency endeavor backed by the Winklevoss twins, to use its market data to create bitcoin futures. (I expressed my skepticism of the timeline laid out by CBOE…

Finding Money in the Margins; Carney Dials Guidance Way Down as BOE Sees Future Wide Open; Quant Wars Seen Whipping Up Stock Volatility as Election Nears John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read In Honor of a Historic Victory JLN Staff The Chicago Cubs victory in the World Series over Cleveland was the beginning of a historic celebration. Since the Cubs nail-biting Game 7 victory came in Cleveland, Chicago Cubs fans have not had the opportunity to celebrate with the newly crowned champs. Today, there will be a huge parade starting at the Friendly Confines and winding its way to Grant Park. The crowd is likely to be mind boggling. City officials have not even released the full route, rather referring people to soak in the scene at three locations: Addison…

John Lothian Newsletter: Big Banks’ Stress Level Is Rising; How China Market Thinned as It Plunged; Fed takes tough stance on bond liquidity, downplays market fears John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Give A Little Bit Jim Kharouf – JLN At John Lothian & Co., we often receive and gladly publish information about various charitable causes – Futures For Kids, A Leg To Stand On, Boy Scouts and many others. Today, we’ve posted two more – Run For Gus and Wall Street Rides FAR. Please take a look and donate to the cause if you can. What I’ve come to appreciate about this newsletter is that when we post these fund raisers, this industry steps up and contributes time and again. It’s one of the things about the John Lothian…

John Lothian Newsletter: BATS unveils retail order discount plan; Trading volumes soar on Dubai exchange; Standard Chartered Settles Iran Inquiry for $340 Million John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

BATS Exchange starts up a retail discount plan in order to stay competitive with NYSE Euronext.  Dubai’s DGCX sees new product offerings and incentives to trade pay off in a big way, as volumes over last year nearly triple.  Standard Chartered bank agrees to settle in a hurry with New York regulators for hiding transactions with Iran.  In today’s First Read, take a look at a WSJ video that provides an overview of the Peregrine fraud, and includes comments from John Lothian, who fortunately takes a supporting rather than feature role in the piece.

John Lothian Newsletter: Australia clamps down on ‘algo’ trading; Short-Selling Bans During Financial Crisis Did Little To Stabilize Stocks; Swiss banks accused over tax evasion John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Australia reveals new, big plans to rein in the risk of algo trading systems, including requirements for periodic testing (in addition to the every-minute-of-every-day testing that happens when they trade) and controls against abnormal behavior. A new study by the New York Federal Reserve discovers that short-selling bans don’t stabilize stock prices, nor do they prevent prices from falling, suggesting that stock prices may actually be dependent on other things like discovered value and investor confidence.  A German politician accuses Swiss banks of helping Germans to avoid taxes, and calls for possible criminal charges against them. 

Crime and Either Punishment, or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof Commentary,Regulation

Jon Matte

They busted a guy, finally, for burglary in our neighborhood. A lot of people around here knew who he was; he was living in the neighborhood that he was stealing from.  On his days off from work, he would wait until mid-morning for his neighbors to head out, and then he’d start checking houses.  Anything of value he could carry away without attracting a lot of attention, he would just grab.  He kept some of what he took, and sold the rest online and at pawn shops.  Turns out he’d been doing it for a couple of years. The cops…

John Lothian Newsletter: Glitches Stir Disclosure Debate; Knight Losses Spur Tighter Automated-Trading Rules From SEC; Standard Chartered Probe Said To Require Up To $700 Mln John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

In the “Massive Tech Error Causes Great Pain” department, the three most recent trading faults during the past week provoke a wide range of responses and suggestions.  The SEC, along those lines, is considering tightening up the rules for automated trading in the wake of Knight Capital’s nearly-successful attempt to destroy itself.  And as the first day’s debate over whether Standard Chartered’s Iran-related actions were silly clerical errors or egregious illegal activity, a settlement for said innocuous-or-sinister deeds could rank in the hundreds of millions of dollars.