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MWE World of Opportunity – What is ESG? Feature,MWEd,Mwiki,Video,video

“By assessing the underlying issues of these three broad categories, a company can get a better understanding of the holistic risks that can affect their bottom line.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in New York, Jaclyn Bouchard of S&P Global talks about how environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are impacting investing and why every company should care.   Produced by Mike Forrester

Cohn leaving White House; Dash Financial Technologies buyout; Crypto a commodity – judge John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Bitcoin and Blockchain: A WILD Opportunity Sarah Rudolph – JLN Bitcoin is not at the dizzying high it was back in December, but interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is still strong. The world of crypto and distributed ledger technology keeps expanding, with CME and Cboe now trading bitcoin futures, companies getting into initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency meetups forming, and the list of cryptocurrencies getting longer every week. Women In Listed Derivatives (WILD) and Morgan Lewis jointly hosted a panel on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies Tuesday evening to a packed house. The main takeaway on cryptocurrency from…

DTCC Selects Providers for Derivatives Distributed Ledger System; Why the China Manipulator Label Looks Increasingly Appealing to Trump; S&P Global to Sell QuantHouse Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories DTCC Selects Providers for Derivatives Distributed Ledger System John D’Antona – Traders Magazine The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, today announced that it has selected IBM, in partnership with Axoni and R3, to provide a distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) framework to drive further improvements in derivatives post-trade lifecycle events. The firms will work collaboratively to re-platform DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse (“TIW”), building a derivatives distributed ledger solution for post-trade processing based on existing TIW capabilities and interfaces with technology providers and market participants. The TIW service…

John Lothian Newsletter: Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge; Currency Trading’s 20% Drop Raises Specter of Flash-Crash Future; Derivatives houses to open accounts with Federal Reserve John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read New Art Just the Latest Amenity in the CBOT Building John J. Lothian Glenstar Properties, the owners of the the Art Deco Board of Trade Building, added some new eye-popping art to its second floor lobby that has turned heads and sparked questions. You can’t miss the collection of colorful prints as you exit the elevator lobby after leaving our offices on the 16th floor of the CBOT Building. The framed posters featuring iconic 1960s and 70s images and others just jump out at you. A long white wall on the second floor of the CBOT Building has…