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John Lothian Newsletter: CME considers London futures platform; Tom aims to double market share; JPMorgan’s Iksil Seen Spurring Regulators to Dissect Trading John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group considers the possibility of starting a London-based futures exchange, just in case — not that it could ever happen — a transatlantic merger is not landed and completed. The Netherlands’ TOM retail exchange plans to double its market share in the coming months. The London Whale may be causing enough market waves to force regulators to evaluate the degree to which JPMorgan’s trading has been speculative rather than risk-management-ive. In the top box today, a interview with Rick Lane, the new CTO at Trading Technologies, about the differences between TT and Google and his new agenda for…

John Lothian Newsletter: CME to Require Daily Customer Fund Reports Following MF Failure; SEC Puts Exchanges on Notice Over Computer-Driven Trades; Counterparty gone bust? You still have to pay John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group announces plans to require customers to submit daily reports regarding the dispositions of customer funds, as part of its anti-MF-Global remedy. The SEC says that exchanges share part of the responsibility for protecting investors from technology-related trade problems and failures. In the UK, a court rules that solvent counterparties must still honor their end of a deal, even if the other side of the deal goes bust. Around the newsletter, you’ll find more volume reports and analysis; more C-suite appointments at exchanges, banks and associations; and commentary from Harpal Sandhu via the JLN FX newsletter about the evolution…

William Birdthistle of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Discusses Dodd-Frank, Say-On-Pay & Corporate Governance Interview,Regulation,Video

William Birdthistle

William Birdthistle is an associate professor of law at the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he specializes in investment funds, corporate governance and executive compensation. Birdthistle sat down with JLN editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr and discussed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) timeline for Dodd-Frank, how issues like corporate organizational structure and say-on-pay rules will progress in 2012, and how MF Global changed the landscape of corporate governance.

Former SEC Chairman David Ruder Discusses the Dodd-Frank Timeline, Volcker Rule & Cost Benefit Rules (Part 2 of 2) Interview,Regulation,Video

David Ruder

Northwestern Law School professor emeritus David Ruder talks to JLN editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr about the Dodd-Frank timeline, Volcker Rule and how cost-benefit rules will impact regulation. Ruder acted as SEC chairman during Black Monday in 1987. He was a part of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets in 1988 and more recently worked on the Joint CFTC-SEC Advisory Committee on Emerging Regulatory Issues. View Part 1 here.

Mark Esposito of OneChicago Discusses Their NoDivRisk (“1D”) Single Stock Futures Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Mark Esposito, a 25-year trading veteran on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), is the managing director, business development at OneChicago. John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn spoke with Esposito about OneChicago’s NoDivRisk (“1D”) Single Stock Futures products and how commodity trading advisors and managed futures funds can use them.

John Lothian Newsletter: MF Global Customers Said to Get Offers for Their Claims; Depository Trust to Create Clearinghouse for U.S. Mortgage-Backed Bonds; Funds unprepared for Dodd-Frank rules John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

One of the first fairly pleasant rays of sunshine lands on the MF Global wreckage, as customers get offers for their bankruptcy claims at around ninety cents on the dollar. DTCC gets approval from the SEC to run a clearing house for US mortgage bonds. A report just issued from Rule Financial shows that Dodd-Frank’s looming impact is being received either with confusion, lots of capital spending, or both. As FIA’s Boca convention kicks off, speculation (the good kind) abounds that MF Global’s aforementioned wreckage will weigh heavily on the proceedings. And in the top box today, you’ll find an…

John Lothian Newsletter: SEC Probes Operators’ Use of Multiple Markets; ‘Gray Market’ Crops Up for New Issue of Greek Bonds; Hong Kong to bolster its clearing house John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The SEC is looking into the possibility that some exchanges favor their biggest customers at the expense of smaller traders. A couple of banks are already trying to make a market for Greece’s new bonds, even though they don’t exist yet. HKEx unveils plans to beef up their clearing house to meet post-2008 regulations and demand. The MF Global story continues, with continued protests over executive bonus plans; and recommendations from the NFA on how to better manage customer funds in the future. In Europe, now that Greece is no longer scalding hot, the financial transaction tax receives more attention.

John Lothian Newsletter: MF Global Still Set to Pay Bonuses; CBOE Executive Placed On Leave During SEC Investigation; LSE buys majority stake in LCH.Clearnet John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

MF Global’s bankruptcy plan includes significant bonuses for three senior execs of the firm. At the CBOE, a compliance executive has been placed on administrative leave as the SEC investigates company oversight. The London Stock Exchange steps up to buy a majority stake in LCH.Clearnet. In Europe, Greece successfully winds up its debt cycle with murmurs of impending doom rather than cheers.

John Lothian Newsletter: NYSE Amex Continues To Sift Error-Trades, Ronin Capital Eyed; HSBC says it may face criminal charges for transactions; SIX to cut 150 jobs as franc hits profits John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

NYSE Amex finishes the task of correcting, adjusting and removing trades caused by error trades on Friday, and rumors point to Ronin Capital as the culprit. HSBC bank looks at the fingers pointing its way, and prepares for civil or criminal prosecution for allegedly illegal transactions. SIX Swiss Exchange prepares for job cuts in an attempt to bring costs under control. S&P slaps the “default” label on Greece, a surprising action only to people currently traveling to other planets. In today’s top box, along with stories that run the gamut from short selling to Gordon Gekko, you’ll find an interview…