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JLN Environmental/Energy: JLN Environmental/Energy: U.S. bets on producing oil with captured CO2: John Kemp; China’s Energy Grab Is About Know-How Not Resources; Canada’s Oil, the World’s Carbon Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition: “China’s Energy Grab Is About Know-How, Not Resources,” says Bloomberg Businessweek. The New York Times’ editorial team takes on “Canada’s Oil, the World’s Carbon.” CNNMoney covers, “Carbon tax gets unusual support.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: US fund builds major stake in Trading Emissions; Barclays sells CO2 credit firm Tricorona; Carbon trading plan watered down Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, deal news features in the top headlines, as “Barclays sells CO2 credit firm Tricorona,” according to Reuters Point Carbon. Climate Spectator has “Could China follow Australia on a carbon price floor?” The Hill posts ”Senate GOP plans new energy push to approve Keystone XL, expand drilling.”

Five Minutes with Rob Newhouse (July 2012) Interview,Options,Tech / HFT

Rob Newhouse

Rob Newhouse is the chief executive officer of Victor Technologies, a provider of trading and risk management applications. The company was formed when the Gargoyle Group, an options market-making firm, spun off its technology arm in 2010. He spoke with Sarah Rudolph and Jeff Bergstrom of John Lothian News about a new infusion of capital for the company, their growth strategies, and their technology offerings for options traders. Also see: Five Minutes with Rob Newhouse (April 2009) Q: Victor IB Holdings received equity funding from a group of private investors and financial industry veterans. What will this new infusion of…

I am not a Futures Broker (Anymore) Commentary

John Lothian

I am not a futures broker… anymore that is.  Wow!  What a feeling!  (See Taking My Own Advice from Friday for why.) Since 1984 I have worked for a futures brokerage firm, been a futures broker, or a proprietary trader.  Of course, since 2000 or 2003, depending on your perspective, I have been in the media business too. As a futures broker, you have a lot of risk.  Your clients are risk takers.  They are speculators who have assumed the risk of hedgers.  Or, your clients are hedgers.  And they are laying off their cash market risk in the futures…

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU OKs 3 states to keep free CO2 permits; EU Carbon Price Increases Would Intensify Crisis, Poland Says; UN urges countries to impose global taxes to boost aid Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition: Reuters reports “EU OKs 3 states to keep free CO2 permits,” while Bloomberg quotes Polish officials arguing that “EU Carbon Price Increases Would Intensify Crisis.” The Sydney Morning Herald, meanwhile, offers: US official says ETS remains ‘one option’

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU Must Avoid Short-Term CO2-Supply Fix, BusinessEurope Says; ICAO Carbon-Cut Plan Will Mask Emissions Output: Engineer; New agriculture offset protocol expands opportunities for farmers to participate in the carbon market Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition: Bloomberg covers: “EU Must Avoid Short-Term CO2-Supply Fix, BusinessEurope Says;” CNN’s  “Could Cheap Gas Save the Economy?” is one of several stories on current prices. The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, offers “New Delhi Raises Power Tariffs.”

Steve Crutchfield – NYSE Amex Interview,Options,Video

JLN Options editor Sarah Rudolph spoke to Steve Crutchfield, CEO of the options business at NYSE Amex, about the 2012 Security Traders Association of Chicago (STAC) Conference and upcoming trends impacting the options market. Crutchfield, who spoke on a STAC panel titled “Cross Product Exchange Leadership,” discussed the Volcker rule and its effect on options, as well as trends in options volumes for 2012. Visit the NYSE Amex website. To see the agenda from this most recent STAC conference, click here.