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Compliance Advice on SEC’s Market Access Rule from Julie Dixon of Titan Regulation Interview,Regulation,Tech / HFT,Video

Regulating the U.S. financial markets is an increasingly difficult task for the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators. Not only must the commission enforce the rules currently on the books, it must also respond to new crises that may be threatening the safety and confidence of the market. On May 6, 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 1000 points, or around 10 percent, in a matter of minutes, then quickly recover about two-thirds of the move, in what has since been referred to as the “flash crash.” SEC Rule 15c3-5 (“Market Access Rule”), finalized in November 2010,…

Guest Commentary: Are You Ready to Trade Derivatives in the New Paradigm? Commentary,Regulation

Sean Owens

Guest commentary by Sean Owens. Sean Owens is director of fixed income at Woodbine Associates, a Stamford, Connecticut-based consulting and research firm serving the capital markets. In addition to his research, he has served on industry panels and roundtables and is a frequent speaker at industry events. His latest work, the “The Fast Track to Central Clearing and Optimal Margin Management,” is a comprehensive examination of the impact of new swap clearing and margin rules on asset managers, hedge funds, traders and banking institutions. For more information, or to obtain a copy of the guide, click HERE. The derivatives markets…

JLN Options: Hedge funds seen behind likely VIX short squeeze Newsletter,Options

Nils-Robert Persson Talks About Cinnober and the Growth of Real-time Risk There are some firms who are ahead of the curve and profit from it. Cinnober Financial Technology, the Swedish-based provider of electronic trading platforms was certainly one of them when it began pushing real-time risk management technology for trading and clearing platforms long before the 2008 financial crisis. Now its an integral part of the marketplace. Nils-Robert Persson, executive chairman for Cinnober spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about the speed of execution and clearing systems, as well as what’s next for the firm. Watch the video »…

Steven Crutchfield of NYSE Discusses New Management Structure and Options Technology Interview,Options,Tech / HFT,Video

Steven Crutchfield was named CEO of NYSE Euronext’s two U.S. options exchanges, NYSE Amex Options and NYSE Arca Options earlier this month. The move marks a new management strategy for NYSE’s options markets, which had been managed separately. Crutchfield spoke with John Lothian News editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about the new management structure, new initiatives for market makers and in risk management as well as dealing with lower options volumes this year.

Ryan McElvogue of FFastFill Discusses Dodd-Frank Related Risk Management Interview,Regulation,Video

Ryan McElvogue

Ryan McElvogue is managing director of FFastFill, the U.S. subsidiary of FFastFill Plc., a London-based provider of front-, middle- and back-office solutions for the global electronic trading community. In August 2012, FFastfill announced that Orbit Risk, its clearing member risk management suite, is fully conformant with certain Dodd-Frank related CFTC regulations scheduled to take effect October 1, 2012. McElvogue spoke with John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn about Orbit Risk, Dodd-Frank risk management and readiness, and operational versus technical implementation issues.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Top emitter China agrees to work with EU to cut carbon; Businesses plead for changes to California’s new cap-and-trade market; How green banks can transform our energy system Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, coverage centers on Europe’s latest move (following its pairing with Australia in recent months) to sync up on ETS and other efforts: Reuters has “Top emitter China agrees to work with EU to cut carbon” and Business Green brings its own take on these developments. Elsewhere, The Wall Street Journal digs in to “Shale: A New Kingmaker in Energy Geopolitics.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: JLN Environmental/Energy: U.S. bets on producing oil with captured CO2: John Kemp; China’s Energy Grab Is About Know-How Not Resources; Canada’s Oil, the World’s Carbon Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition: “China’s Energy Grab Is About Know-How, Not Resources,” says Bloomberg Businessweek. The New York Times’ editorial team takes on “Canada’s Oil, the World’s Carbon.” CNNMoney covers, “Carbon tax gets unusual support.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: US fund builds major stake in Trading Emissions; Barclays sells CO2 credit firm Tricorona; Carbon trading plan watered down Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, deal news features in the top headlines, as “Barclays sells CO2 credit firm Tricorona,” according to Reuters Point Carbon. Climate Spectator has “Could China follow Australia on a carbon price floor?” The Hill posts ”Senate GOP plans new energy push to approve Keystone XL, expand drilling.”

Five Minutes with Rob Newhouse (July 2012) Interview,Options,Tech / HFT

Rob Newhouse

Rob Newhouse is the chief executive officer of Victor Technologies, a provider of trading and risk management applications. The company was formed when the Gargoyle Group, an options market-making firm, spun off its technology arm in 2010. He spoke with Sarah Rudolph and Jeff Bergstrom of John Lothian News about a new infusion of capital for the company, their growth strategies, and their technology offerings for options traders. Also see: Five Minutes with Rob Newhouse (April 2009) Q: Victor IB Holdings received equity funding from a group of private investors and financial industry veterans. What will this new infusion of…