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Jeff Levoff, Partner, DRW – Make a Market: Proprietary Trading in the Modern Era MarketsWiki Education,Video

“This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s hard work to try to find positive expected value. That’s what we do every day.” Conceptually, proprietary trading is easy. One must follow two simple steps – finding positive expected value and managing the risk of positions taken. The devil, as always, is in the details. When Jeff Levoff, partner at DRW, began in the business, positive expected value was an easier proposition. A simple Black-Scholes based software suite would spit out theoretical values, and market makers like Levoff would actively bid below theoretical value, offer above it and – voila! – positive…

Christian Domin, GlenStar Properties – Value Investing: Office Space and Associated Risks MarketsWiki Education,Video

“When you’re first starting out, you want to keep your lease as short-term as possible and mitigate the risk. If there is a regulatory change, a change in your small, three-person partnership, or any other change, you’re going to be stuck.” Most financial professionals know that the day-to-day price risks are but a small component of one’s overall business risk. Even trading firms that make their money on price movement must deal with regulatory uncertainty, technological change and other shifting trends. Christian Domin, whose firm GlenStar Properties purchased the iconic Chicago Board of Trade Building in 2012, says real estate…

Counter (party) intuitive – Fidessa White Paper Blog

by Steven Strange, Compliance Product Manager Pressures from all sides are driving buy-side firms around the world to pay ever-closer attention to counterparty exposure. Asset managers are looking critically at their existing processes for monitoring and controlling counterparty risk and often finding them to be inadequate. Here Steven Strange, Compliance Product Manager at Fidessa, looks at how the counterparty landscape has changed for the buy-side, and what can be done to ease the burden.

DTCC Video: Systemic Risk Barometer Insights with Mike Leibrock Blog,Financials,Regulation,Video

Mike Leibrock, Managing Director and Chief Systemic Risk Officer at DTCC, shares his insights on the most recent Systemic Risk Barometer Survey. *This video first appeared on the DTCC web site January 7, 2016 and is reposted here with permission.

John Fennell, OCC – Clearing – Providing Confidence to Financial Markets Options,Video

“In the past, settlement – the movement of securities and cash – is what you would associate with clearing. That changed as a result of the financial crisis. When you have banks like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers defaulting, confidence becomes the bigger issue.” Historically, clearing has not exactly been part of the “glamorous” side of trading. In fact, it has been looked at as a utility, like electricity and plumbing. But that all changed during the financial crisis. Clearing, you see, is not just about moving contracts through the pipes; it is also about the guaranteed performance of those…

Ed Haravon, Spot Trading – Ask Why? Opportunities in Financial Markets Video

“As you’ve all realized in your short time through your internships, for the most part this industry — and when I’m talking about this industry I’m talking about proprietary trading firms, exchanges, some the other service providers that support the business, so the industry at large — we really function more as applied science or applied technology companies, right?” Remember when you could see the action matinee double feature for a buck? Or when a cream soda cost a dime? At some point in time those favorite, stale references were simply the present. Ed Haravon, COO of Spot Trading, says…

Grace Under Pressure: OCC’s Chief Risk Officer Talks About Preparing for Systemic Threats Options,Tech / HFT,Video

As a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility (SIFMU), the OCC must be able to manage capital and operational risk on a day to day basis and during extraordinary times, when disaster strikes. On the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, JLN spoke with John Grace, chief risk officer for the OCC, about the challenges OCC faces as a SIFMU and what he and the organization are doing to address those challenges. Ways in which the OCC plans to cut down on systemic risk include: Making sure the organization has adequate financial resources, which includes the clearing…

Peter Borish, The Quad Group – Trading Traps: Too Many to Count Video

“You have to have the complete and utmost confidence in yourself if you’re going to trade and take risk. It doesn’t mean that you have to be right.”   What do subway cars, Derek Jeter, a movie theater and the Titanic have in common?  Peter Borish, chief strategist with Quad Group, has a way with analogies.  It takes such comparisons to help explain trading, a “humanly uncharacteristic” action, according to Borish.  It’s a fight with your gut and an exercise in taking all the lumps that come your way.  Borish breaks down the struggle in this video.

JLN Managed Futures: Why Correlations Between Asset Classes Matter; Managed futures start second half of the year with strong performance; Asset managers promise to put clients first from now on Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations/Commentary CTA Expo Update Doug Ashburn – John Lothian News Frank, Bucky and the CTA Expo team will be hosting their annual Chicago event September 17, 2015 at the UBS Center at 1 N. Wacker Dr. This event sells out every year, so sign up today. There are currently over 225 industry professionals registered including 100 who have registered as capital sources and 33 participating CTAs. CTA registrations still start at just $500, Service Providers at $700 and Capital sources, including asset allocators, pool operators and professional clients, attend CTAExpo conferences for free. For what you get, the event is…