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Bringing Crypto To The In(stitutional) Crowd – Rick Lane, Trading Technologies Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

Rick Lane, CEO of Trading Technologies, hits the nail on the head when he says that you can’t walk the halls of a conference like FIA Boca and not hear murmurs of “crypto” just about everywhere you go. In this third video of JLN’s annual series with industry leaders, Lane talks more about TT’s work with GDAX in the cryptocurrency space and the necessity for industry service providers to harness the copious amounts of data they love to talk about. Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Jim Kharouf

How AI Is Reshaping ISVs: TT’s Rick Lane Looks at AI for Everything from Compliance to Finding Trading Opportunities Blog,Feature,Fintech,Interview

Trading Technologies announced yesterday the acquisition of Neurensic, an artificial intelligence regulation and compliance firm (terms were not disclosed). The deal brings Neurensic’s AI technology into TT and provides a new compliance platform for the firm. But the potential for the technology goes well beyond that. TT’s CEO Rick Lane spoke with JLN’s Jim Kharouf about where this technology is going next. Q: When you look at the AI/machine learning space, where is this industry going and where does it fit in for TT? A: Now we have another tool in our toolbelt. We’ve been providing a new, unprecedented level…

MarketsWiki Education Website Launched Blog

MarketsWiki Education

Education Events & Videos from John Lothian News John Lothian News is pleased to announce the launch of the MarketsWiki Education microsite (, which will be the home to announcements and information about John Lothian News educational events and videos from the same. The inaugural entry on the site is a video from last July’s MarketsWiki – World of Opportunity  Intern Education Series featuring the new CEO of Trading Technologies, Rick Lane. Lane was among 31 speakers at last summer’s educational series held at the CME and CBOE in Chicago. We also have launched a private LinkedIn group called MarketsWiki…

Rick Lane Q&A: How Trading Technologies plans to revolutionize trading Interview,Tech / HFT

Rick Lane

Rick Lane has been looking into the future for some time now. The former co-founder of Tickit Trading, which was acquired by Trading Technologies in 2010, has quickly risen from chief technology officer in April 2012 to the new CEO of TT. His Tickit software has become a key product for TT, which rebranded the technology as Algo Design Lab, a system of algos that are easily pieced together and allow traders to make new trading systems quickly and safely in a virtual Lego-like fashion. As CTO, he’s also been busy overseeing a major rebuilding of TT’s technology, which is…

John Lothian Announces Summer Intern Industry-wide Education Program in Chicago Blog

John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce today the creation of a Chicago-based industry-wide summer intern education series to introduce the history, innovation, key leaders and future opportunities to participating interns, summer workers, new employees and those interested in careers in the trading and markets.  The series, which kicks off on July 16,  features presentations from a select group of industry leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, attorneys, technologists, investors, traders and other industry participants. The series will start on July 16, with an event featuring Leo Melamed speaking about his experience and philosophy of growing global markets.  The kickoff…

John Lothian Newsletter: Miami Options Exchange Gets SEC Approval; Eurex Exchange launches derivatives trading system; Interest-Rate Swap Futures Surpass $130 Million at CME Group John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

New options exchange MIAX gets a green light from the SEC, and will be able to open its doors as planned on December 7. Eurex Exchange launches the next generation of its derivatives trading system, beginning the months-long process of migrating its offerings onto the new platform. CME Group’s new interest rate swap futures contracts sees solid interest from traders.

John Lothian Newsletter: New Swaps-Trading Venue, KerbX, in the Works; Wall Street finds a foreign detour around U.S. derivatives rules; Bats chief calls on EC to ‘take on’ data pricing John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

A new off-exchange derivatives trading platform is under construction, possibly with the goal of registering as a new Dodd-Frank-inspired swap execution facility. Some US banks, facing stricter derivatives regulation when dealing with foreign customers, are gearing up to continue trading old-style by using foreign affiliate companies for handling transactions. The head of BATS in Europe calls for EU help in changing the way its competitors price trading data. In First Read today, see JLN’s interview with Rick Lane of Trading Technologies, as he talks about trends in mobile trading and how TT is rebuilding its products to meet modern trader…

John Lothian Newsletter: CME considers London futures platform; Tom aims to double market share; JPMorgan’s Iksil Seen Spurring Regulators to Dissect Trading John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group considers the possibility of starting a London-based futures exchange, just in case — not that it could ever happen — a transatlantic merger is not landed and completed. The Netherlands’ TOM retail exchange plans to double its market share in the coming months. The London Whale may be causing enough market waves to force regulators to evaluate the degree to which JPMorgan’s trading has been speculative rather than risk-management-ive. In the top box today, a interview with Rick Lane, the new CTO at Trading Technologies, about the differences between TT and Google and his new agenda for…

Rick Lane Discusses His New Role as Chief Technology Officer at Trading Technologies Interview,Tech / HFT,Video

Rick Lane

Rick Lane was recently rehired by Trading Technologies as Chief Technology Officer. Lane left Trading Technologies for Google after selling TickIt Trading Systems to them in 2010. Lane talks about the differences between Trading Technologies and Google, his agenda as CTO and how ADL (Algo Design Lab) is doing.