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Congressional CFTC Budget Decision Lacks Vision and Reason Commentary,Feature

A reasonable person could see that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission needs an increase in its budget to address the growing responsibility it has acquired over US markets in recent years and the dramatic development and investment in fintech and cryptomarkets. A reasonable person, Democrat or Republican, would vote for the modest increase the CFTC requested unless they suffer from a chronic case of market myopia. But alas, the budget passed by the U.S. House of Representatives cuts the CFTC’s funding by $1 million to $249 million, and reason was not what ruled the day. The adjective that comes…

Bitcoin-Futures Regulator Defends Oversight as Critics See Risks; DBOT ATS LLC Inc Announces the Official Launch of Blockchain-Powered Crowd Funding and Secondary Market John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read Hits & Takes By JLN Staff The newest edition of CME’s Off the Chart’s Podcast covers Bitcoin: Supply Growth, Mining Difficulty and Prospects in 2018. In a nutshell, it’s getting harder to mine bitcoin as it reaches its cap, which means supply will grow by less than 5 percent. ~SD Yesterday’s JLN Options covered rising popularity of risk premia strategies, SKEW vs. VIX, bitcoin options potential, the Intel chip flaws and more. ~SD VIX traded in the 8 handle yesterday. When’s the last time that happened? Oh, yeah, Thanksgiving. ~SD The weather phenomenon hitting the east coast right…