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JLN Environmental/Energy: EEX, Powernext to combine gas trading from May 29; U.K.’s Davies Seeks Carbon Vote in EU Assembly Before End-July; How Google is changing the renewables game for Apple, Facebook Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, a look at carbon policy inaction impact on utilities use of coal and power prices. A New York Times political feature says Obama’s second term is off to a slow start for the environment. And, U.S. House Plans Hearings on Federal Ethanol Mandate This Year.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Carbon Trading on 2013 Energy-Law Agenda; Environmental cap-and-trade regulations in force; U.S. Tax-Credit Extension May Boost Stalled Wind Industry Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

JLN E/E is back from our holiday break with an edition that features the impact from the tax extension on the wind industry, including The Wall Street Journal’s Renewable-Energy Tax Breaks Pass Despite Headwind. And, on the carbon markets, Carbon Trading on 2013 Energy-Law Agenda, also from The WSJ. The Montreal Gazette reports Environmental cap-and-trade regulations in force.

JLN Environmental/Energy: ICE, NYSE Euronext in Talks; Obama: Climate change among top three priorities for second term; Exploring a Proposed Carbon Diet for American Power Plants Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, leading magazines take on climate change or the people that can shape its potential remedies, including Paying for It by Elizabeth Kolbert  – The New Yorker and Welcome to Saudi Albany? in The New York Times Magazine. Business Green’s leading blog gives us 2012: The best of times and the worst of times for the green economy. The New York Times Dot Earth blog has Exploring a Proposed Carbon Diet for American Power Plants.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Blame Wimpy for Slow U.S. Response to Climate Change; German green power capacity to rise 38 pct to 2017; Sen. Murkowski floats five-year phaseout of wind credit Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, more post-Sandy, post-election pressure on Washington (timed to California’s carbon market launch) covered in Blame Wimpy for Slow U.S. Response to Climate Change and Day-Two coverage of Obama vows to move climate change agenda forward, and Experts: Calif.’s cap-and-trade system unlikely to spur federal action soon.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Carbon Fee From Obama Seen Viable With Backing From Exxon; As U.S. hesitates, California pours billions into green energy; EU mulls tougher emissions target under carbon market reform Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, President Obama steps up the climate change rhetoric but lacks a plan, according to Business Green. Reuters interviews a top U.S. energy advisor, who says U.S. brings forward gas self-sufficiency forecast. And across the Atlantic, EU mulls tougher emissions target under carbon market reform and France needs more local power for green energy shift.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Australia Ready to Join Europe in Extended Kyoto Climate Pledge; Gubernatorial elections boost carbon initiatives; Europe’s fears over US energy gap Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Australia’s carbon market in focus on two fronts: Australia Ready to Join Europe in Extended Kyoto and word that Australia’s Biggest Carbon Developer to Start Trading EU Permits. Plus, Carbon tax triggers shifts in Australian electricity generation. And in the Nat Gas section, energy lobbyist says Keystone an ‘early test’ of Obama’s pro-oil stance.

JLN Environmental/Energy: UN May Supply Record Number of Carbon Offsets in November; Farming may contribute a third of emissions, study finds; Cameron Says U.K. Must Rethink Energy Once Renewables Target Met Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, coverage of Superstorm Sandy and the U.S. election, less than a week away, in The Hill’s Rep. Waxman seeks lame-duck hearing on Sandy, climate change links and Utility chief calls climate ‘ancillary argument’ in Sandy’s wake. Bloomberg has Romney Seen Scuttling EPA Proposals, Letting Rules Stand, while USA Today runs through the issues in Climate and energy: How do Romney and Obama compare?

JLN Environmental/Energy: JLN Environmental/Energy: Deutsche Bank suspends carbon traders – source; Spain Says EU Needs Clear Carbon Rules, Examines Backloading; Coal Gets Renewed Focus After Debate Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition: More attention on Europe’s carbon market, in Deutsche Bank suspends carbon traders – source and EU Carbon Pares Gains After Parliament Sets Carbon Vote. Also: Strategy of Solar Dominance Now Poses a Threat to China and U.K. Confirms Gas Role as EON, National Grid Open Heat Pipe.

JLN Environmental/Energy: JLN Environmental/Energy: Australia, California in talks to link carbon trading; Carbon Trading Grows as Preferred Policy Tool, IETA Says; Warren Buffett to snap up US wind farms Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, coverage of closer carbon market linkage talks between California and Australia from The Age and Bloomberg. Meanwhile, in the wind space, a move by Buffet: Warren Buffett to snap up US wind farms, reports Business Green. Also, Spain Adds $32 Billion Power-System Bailout to Bank Rescue.