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John Lothian Newsletter: Reform looms anew for money market funds; NYSE Amex Options to Eliminate Position Limits for Options on SPY; Japan takes its first steps John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The day after the SEC declared it would abandon its effort to reform money market funds, other regulators in and out of the US say they will step up and consider new requirements.  NYSE Amex Options exchange announces that they’ve received SEC approval to eliminate position limits on SPY options.  With the TSE-OSE merger good to go, Japan moves toward having more weight to compete globally; the Financial Times takes a look at the progress and challenges.

John Lothian Newsletter: ICE to Transition Cleared Energy Swaps to Futures; Singapore Exchange to set margin requirements; Fidessa expects tough trading to persist John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

IntercontinentalExchange says that the time has come to convert its OTC energy swaps into on-exchange futures contracts.  Singapore Exchange is ready to require clearinghouse-held margin for positions to guard against oversized failure.  Trading tech company Fidessa looks at the financial arena and sees tough times ahead in terms of further consolidation and closure.  In First Read, you’ll find fresh updates including a brand new Jobs page on MarketsWiki; pointers to videos shot in London; and a new video with Joe Mecane of NYSE Euronext, who talks about the company’s Retail Liquidity Program that launches tomorrow.

John Lothian Newsletter: At Least Three Banks Seen Central To Libor Rigging; Surge In Suspicious Trade Reports To FSA; France’s Hollande Lays Dodo Bird Egg With First Budget John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

More of Barclays’ partners in Libor crime come to light, and the head of RBS says he expects the bank to pay a hefty fine (given what happened to Barclays, that may be a statement of optimism and hope). Ever since Britain’s FSA declared its intention to spot-check internal corporate vigilance, the number of suspicious trade reports filed by companies with the FSA has doubled. France is set to start its new financial transaction tax on Wednesday, and reactions to the idea are decidedly not all favorable.

John Lothian Newsletter: NYSE Euronext Plans New Contracts In Futures Challenge To CME; France to push ahead with ‘Tobin tax’ proposal; China set to bolster short selling John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

NYSE Liffe U.S. announces new interest rate futures contracts that take aim at CME Group’s market share.  France’s government moves aggressively forward on plans to establish a financial transaction tax well ahead of other nations.  China is set to boost its short-selling industry to expand the depth of its capital markets.  In banking, RBS contemplates shutting down its investment banking business, potentially putting ten thousand jobs on the negative side of that transaction.  And in today’s top box, JJLCO is hiring!  If you’ve got sales chops, high ethical standards and a big sense of humor, we’d love to hear from…

Five Minutes with Samantha Page Interview,Regulation

Samantha Page

While many 13-year-old girls want to be ballerinas or princesses when they grow up, Samantha Page wanted to be a tin trader. After landing a summer job as a stockbroker, she worked her way through the industry, gaining exchange, banking and regulatory experience. She currently works at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), helping the bank’s customers prepare for regulatory clearing requirements of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives. She sat down with JLN’s  Jessica Titlebaum to discuss how the industry has changed, what she has learned and her unusual retirement plans. Q: How did you get started in this industry? It’s…