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Five Minutes With Michael Berry, Discovery Investing Interview,Metals

Michael Berry is the CEO of Discovery Investing, which has created a model for pinpointing lucrative opportunities for mining, bio-tech, high-tech and infrastructure companies. He spoke on a panel and in an individual presentation titled “Gold and Quality of Life: Convergence, Debt, De-Leveraging, and Sustaining Value” at the Initiatives in Art and Culture gold conference in New York last week. Berry talked to editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr about how an expanding global economy impacts our dependence on metals and how he helps educate investors.

Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group (Part 3 of 3) Interview,Metals

Jeffrey M. Christian

In part three of this interview, Jeffrey Christian, managing director and founder at the CPM Group, speaks with JLN Metals editor Chris McMahon about concerns over metal ETFs and their pressure on prices, how Jeff got his start, mining stocks and misconceptions about rare earths. Listen to part one of the interview here. Listen to part two of the interview here. [Having trouble viewing? Click here] [Download audio]