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Machine Learning in Trading Blog,Video,video

At Trading Chicago presented by FOW and John Lothian News, Brian Peterson, partner at DV Trading, gave a TED-style talk about machine learning. It’s quite the buzzword of late and Peterson delineates how it is different from other related fields and what it can bring to your trading toolbox.

Britain’s opposition Labour alarms bankers with Robin Hood tax; As VIX Plumbs Depths of Torpor, Betting on Its Future Gets Brisk; EU prop firm capital crunch could hit market liquidity Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Are we seeing the end of Wall Street and the beginning of a new one? Jim Kharouf – JLN Silicon Valley icon, investor and entrepreneur Vinod Khosla told an audience last week at the Commonwealth Club of California that technological disruption is coming to most of the top industries in the United States. And while he didn’t mention Wall Street, he could have. “Citibank won’t solve financial inclusion, Square will if anybody does it,” he said. “Volkswagen and GM won’t solve transportation. Whether it’s Waymo or somebody else who does it, it will be a technology driven,…

HFT – Not so flashy anymore; Vicious VIX; JPM Head Quant Warns Of “Catastrophic Losses” For Short Vol Strategies Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight An Excerpt of Note Spencer Doar – JLN I am re-reading “Liar’s Poker” because…I don’t really know why — maybe it’s just summer instinct with all these reading lists floating around. Anyway, about a quarter of the way in, there’s a notable anecdote from Michael Lewis’ training program at Salomon: “‘When you trade equity options,’ asked my friend Franky, ‘do you hedge your gamma and theta or just your delta? And if you don’t hedge your gamma and theta, why not?’ The equity options specialist nodded for about ten seconds. I’m not sure he even understood the…