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Volatility slump defies election shock; Independent US oil producers increase hedges for 2017; Profiles in Uncertainty – Election Night Lesson in Market Dynamics Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight How we talk Jim Kharouf – JLN My column yesterday, What Just Happened about the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States struck a chord with readers. We received more reader feedback on this column than we have in some time, some negative, some supportive. Here are a few. “Thanks for this insightful OpEd. You articulated so many feelings I’m still trying to process.” And this: Wow, what an ignorant, cheap shot to smear nearly 60 million Americans that way. Deplorables, right? As a life-long New Yorker, I’ve watched Trump in action…

How Now and What’s Next for Retail Forex? Blog,Commentary,Regulation

Doug Ashburn

As the self-proclaimed regulatory expert at John Lothian & Co., with my first three years here spent building our regulatory database MarketsReformWiki, I am generally the go-to person on stories involving rule changes. But when I was asked about the June 1 letter from Phillip Capital CEO Lynette Lim informing customers that the firm would be no longer be offering retail forex, due to a recent ruling by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the conversation went something like this: John: “So, what is this SEC ruling all about, and is there a story here?” Doug: “Uhh…uuh…I don’t know.” So, how…