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Dash CEO on Buy-Out and SEC Fee Pilot Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

In March, Dash Financial Technologies co-founders Peter Maragos and David Karat, in partnership with private equity firm Flexpoint Ford, acquired Dash in a management led buyout.  In this video, Dash CEO Maragos describes the thought process behind the buyout, the outlook for the firm’s equities and options businesses, and the issues with the SEC’s proposed fee pilot.    Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar 

Dash Buyout; LJM-Wells Fargo lawsuit; Options-based funds study Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Bits for Weekly VIX/SPX Expiration Day Spencer Doar – JLN The Onion had a good title for Gary Cohn’s resignation – Gary Cohn Resigns In Protest Of Trump’s Bigoted Comments Towards Aluminum. If you’re wondering when this trade war could kick off – who isn’t? – Axios is reporting that Trump wants to announce tariffs tomorrow and the White House said “this week.” Cboe released an update of its white paper on options-based funds. The 105 options-based funds focused on in the study have AUM of $38.1 billion. Some $8.5 billion of that total comes from the…

Rebates and Market Data: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel Feature,Video,video

At Trading Chicago presented by FOW and John Lothian News, Peter Maragos, CEO of Dash Financial Technologies, spoke to JLN about what he sees as the most pressing issues in equity and options markets: what to do about rebates and leveling the playing field when it comes to market data access.

Central bankers fuel volatility in FX and bonds; Millennial investing in derivatives like options and futures; Tech Stocks Hit More Turbulence Than the Rest of the Market Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Bits & Pieces from yesterday’s FOW-JLN Trading Chicago Event: Things ain’t great Spencer Doar – JLN First, if you’ve been in a cave, look at the VIX today – popped to over 15 and has now dropped into the 13 handle. The options panel at the FOW-JLN Trading Chicago Event yesterday was a lively affair. The panel featured moderator Chip Dempsey, OCC SVP and Chief Commercial Officer; Euan Sinclair, partner at Talton Capital Management; Paul Jiganti, MD options business development with IMC; Steve Crutchfield, head of market structure at CTC; and Dash Financial CEO Peter Maragos. Some…

The Great US Options Octopus; The 2017 Short Trade That’s Getting Pummelled This Week; Options Traders’ `Butterfly’ Bets Signal Oil Rally Not Over Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories The Great US Options Octopus The Trade Derivatives – Spring 2017 The US options market is a conundrum. Although volumes have remained flat over the past five years, the number of exchanges has expanded to 14, with the potential of another opening just around the corner. During this time the number of market-makers has dropped dramatically, from about 60 market-makers quoting on multiple exchanges five years ago to only 15 today. / ****SD: This is a link to the page 46 of the magazine where the story starts. Nice encapsulation of the issues although due to production turnaround…