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Two Studies on Options Use – Institutional Users and European Demand Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

Over the past two months, two studies commissioned by the Options Industry Council were released. The  studies about the varying uses of options by different market participants were conducted Greenwich Associates and Burton-Taylor International Consulting, respectively.   The first study, conducted by Greenwich, looked at how institutional users of exchange-listed options view the product. In the below video filmed at the Options Industry Conference in Amelia Island, OIC’s Joe Cusick and Greenwich’s Richard Johnson go over some of the key findings of the study.   The second study, conducted by Burton-Taylor, found that some 9 percent of U.S. options order flow comes…

U.S. pension funds sue big banks over stock lending; Henry Hub Emerges as Natural Gas Benchmark; SEC officials’ potential conflicts John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes By JLN Staff The CBOE has informed us the speaker for the MarketsWiki Education Recruiting event for the CBOE will be Ed Tilly and/or Chris Concannon. So there you go.~JJL Our post yesterday on Asia Pacific Financial News is available HERE.~JJL It was a action packed week for the Trading Tech 300 program with NEX Group, Nuveen and Enova International offering merit badges to Chicago area Boy Scouts. The feedback from Scouts, parents and Scouting professionals has been terrific. One Scout said the NEX Group session was the “best of the best” of Trading Tech…

JLN Managed Futures: CTAs Lose in June; CFTC Files Suit against Corzine; Is the Trend your Friend? Managed Futures,Newsletter

In the current issue, editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf, fresh off the plane from London where he attended the Emerging Manager Forum, offers a few thoughts on the state of the managed futures space. We are nearing a point of closure with the MF Global saga, as the CFTC files a civil suit against Jon Corzine. Altegris Advisors ask, in a new white paper, “Is the trend your friend? Plus, after a rough month in May, it looks like managed futures fared pretty well in the last mini-meltdown.

JLN Managed Futures: A Plea to the Retail Investors; Another legal headache for SAC’s Cohen; Harding plans continued success for Winton Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations – Statistics – Commentary It has been a rough stretch for some commodity players, with the long-only commodity funds bearing most of the brunt. Speaking of bearing the brunt, Steven Cohen and SAC Capital Advisors have had a pretty tough week. June brings the Managed Funds Association to town for its annual Forum Chicago; CME Group and BarclayHedge will be hosting the second annual Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards on the eve of the conference. Perhaps the hottest trend in the managed futures sector, though, is the emergence of managed futures mutual funds. For a closer look at these products…

JLN Managed Futures: Richard Dennis, Bill Eckhardt and the Turtle Traders; The Pension Rate-of-Return Fantasy; Hedge fund spotlight: Credit, global macro and managed futures Managed Futures,Newsletter

In this issue, we see some of the aftermath of lagging performance from the managed futures and other alternatives sectors.Some municipal pensions have been keeping the long-term solvency dream alive via expected returns outside fixed income portfolios. One in California is headed to bankruptcy court, while another in South Carolina has pitted the state treasurer against the pension board. A Reuters analyst is questioning the notion that commodities are a distinct asset class. All this comes during a multi-session meltdown in the precious metals market. An Ontario pension fund manager, though, understands the role of managed futures in a portfolio…

JLN Managed Futures: Investors Ponder the Future for Managed Futures; Managed futures under pressure on fees; ‘Finding’ Hedge Fund Investors Just Got A Bit More Difficult Managed Futures,Newsletter

After a disappointing 2012, the CTA space is looking to the future of managed futures. Articles featured in this issue include two on the difficulty of trend following in markets that have not been trending, and another two articles on the squeezing of fees and performance incentives. Another category getting squeezed: middlemen – capital introducers, or “finders.” All of this is inevitable after a year in which the typical equity index fund blew away alternative investments. There are bright spots, however, in some 2013 metrics on returns and asset allocation.  By the way, readers may notice that today’s newsletter should…

JLN Managed Futures: Investors pull $1 billion from hedge fund giant Winton; Barclay Hedge Fund Index gains 2.84 per cent in January; Hedge fund giant Bridgewater bullish on stocks, oil, some commodities Managed Futures,Newsletter

A recurring theme in the current issue is that of “chasing performance.” First, Attain Capital introduces the “toxic cycle sync” and reminds us that investors who let emotions get the better of them in investment choice will ultimately underperform. Sure enough, we are seeing signs that investors are doing exactly that. Clients of Winton Capital have pulled over a billion dollars out of its portfolios. Pension funds are cutting back on alternatives in favor of equities, which did well last year. Even Bridgewater Associates says it is bullish on equities and oil, two classes that have just had quite a…

JLN Managed Futures: Winton backs China’s first managed futures fund; Managed futures give stable returns; CTA Expo’s Pusateri on managed futures ETFs Managed Futures,Newsletter

U.S. hedge funds are reportedly playing “catch-up” after missing this year’s big rallies in equities and commodities, and are now piling in with leveraged money – but is it worth your two-and-twenty? The coming food shortage is having ripple effects, from Swiss regulation to the bacon on your breakfast plate. There is one thing worse than drunk-dialing an ex – drunk-buying $520 million in crude oil futures. But up first, CTA Expo founder Frank Pusateri discusses managed futures trends with John Lothian News Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf.

JLN Managed Futures: Nine Reasons To Just Say No To Managed Futures; CTAs seize July’s choppy markets; CalPERS just struck fear in the hearts of venture capitalist everywhere Managed Futures,Newsletter

July proved to be good month for managed futures with a variety of measures showing growth for the month, while 2100 Xenon’s Managed Futures partnered with Russell. Long-term investing in managed futures got a boost from a new report by Forward Management, but a Forbes article offers nine reasons to “just say no.”