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JLN Special Report - Asia: Pieces Falling into Place

Talking about Asia often leaves professionals from those regions a bit tongue-tied. When JLN decided to do a special report talking about Asia, many of those experts had the same question: “Which country? Asia is a big place.” Indeed, talking about Asia is difficult, given the number of markets and regulatory differences, not to mention geographic distance between various Asian financial centers. The debate still goes on over which one or two or three are the most important in the region. Some say Japan, while others discuss Hong Kong’s status. Others like the positioning of Singapore. And this doesn’t include…

John Lothian Newsletter: Nasdaq executing trades at a loss; US regulators become the world’s money sheriffs; System Error Halts Nikkei 225 Derivatives Traded in Osaka John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Nasdaq OMX wants more customers, even if it has to lose money to get them. European banks find themselves answering to the law in the USA over global transactions and business practices that run afoul of regulations. Nikkei index trading in Osaka is suspended for technical problems, the first time since the trading platform came online in early 2011.

John Lothian Newsletter: Tokyo, Osaka Bourses Merge as Japan Exchange Group; Collateral clawback fears leave US pension funds unable to clear; Europe, Asia banks join U.S. in swap dealer line-up John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Without fanfare, the stock exchanges in Tokyo and Osaka complete their merger and turn their collective eye toward TOCOM. New FCM-clawback provisions are leaving some pension funds out in the cold as clearing clients, amid fears that collateral posted by funds could disappear in an FCM collapse. Dozens of banks in the US, Europe and Asia sign on as registered U.S. swap dealers

John Lothian Newsletter: Japan Exchange Clears Last Hurdle as Shareholders OK Deal; Aquis Exchange appoints first directors; LCH in Singapore FX clearing talks John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange round the corner toward the merger finish line, as shareholders signal approval for the deal. Aquis Exchange, a new venue in Europe slated to open for business around the middle of next year, has hired its first directors. LCH.Clearnet looks to establish a hold in Asia as it discusses currency derivatives clearing with Singapore Exchange.

John Lothian Newsletter: Osaka Considers Pricing Change to Boost Volume; Getco to add clearers to European dark pool; India’s UCE to Begin Operations by Year End John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

OSE is thinking about offering rebates to traders for taking positions in volatility index futures on the exchange.  Getco plans to add two new clearers to its dark pool in Europe, angling for new OTC clearing business.  Universal Commodity Exchange, India’s sixth national commodity trading venue, gets ready to open its doors by year end.  Speaking of creating new places to trade, volume statistics are out for many of the exchanges around the world; you can get links to all the diamonds-amid-dark-clouds news in our “Exchanges and Trading Facilities” section.  In First Read, John Lothian answers the question, “Are we…

John Lothian Newsletter: Reform looms anew for money market funds; NYSE Amex Options to Eliminate Position Limits for Options on SPY; Japan takes its first steps John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The day after the SEC declared it would abandon its effort to reform money market funds, other regulators in and out of the US say they will step up and consider new requirements.  NYSE Amex Options exchange announces that they’ve received SEC approval to eliminate position limits on SPY options.  With the TSE-OSE merger good to go, Japan moves toward having more weight to compete globally; the Financial Times takes a look at the progress and challenges.

John Lothian Newsletter: Tokyo, Osaka bourses say their merger approved; Maple-TMX Group merger clear approval hurdles; NYSE Plan Angers Brokers John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Good progress (for a change) made on a couple of exchange mergers.  Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges announce that they got a vote of no-interference from the regulator reviewing their merger plans; and TMX Group gets a not-red light to proceed with the Maple Group buyout as well.  In the USA, NYSE Euronext’s plans to go head-to-head with dark pools generates hissing and grumbling from some brokers.  You can read NYSE Euronext’s Duncan Niederauer’s point of view in First Read today; today’s newsletter also includes an extra LIBOR section to corral the latest news about this very much still-unfolding scandal.

John Lothian Newsletter: Opposition to Japanese Bourses Tie-Up Mounts; NYSE sets ‘full service’ clearing house for London; MF Global Trustee Sees $1.6 Billion Customer Shortfall John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Osaka Securities Exchange investors tell company management to demand more-bigger-better in the pending deal with TSE. NYSE-Euronext declares its interest in creating a full-on clearing service in London. The MF Global bankruptcy trustee, after using ALL the fingers, believes the shortfall is now around $1.6 billion, given anticipated difficulty in clawing money back out of Europe. Rumors suggest that LCH.Clearnet is nearing an announcement regarding a change of ownership. In the top box, JLN announces a new video service: John Lothian Productions; and JLN Metals and JLN FX newsletters and blogs find new editors in Nicole Rohr and Jon Matte,…