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Data and Fintech Rocking the Free World Blog,Tech / HFT

(Editor’s Note – Scroll down to see the entire story. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.)

FinTech Exchange Chicago Gets Democratic Blog

FinTech Exchange Chicago 2015, hosted by Barchart, was held on April 23 and featured a host of great speakers. Scroll down to see the “Best of the Lightning Round” video, or several of the full presentations. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.

FinTech Chicago Gets Democratic Blog,Tech / HFT,Video

Today’s financial technology dialog is often about a word you don’t usually associate with it – democracy – bringing software, data, reporting, testing and trading to the masses. And it’s not just one size for everyone – its customizable too. At the FinTech Exchange 2015 Chicago event, 13 firm executives spoke during its lightning round and one prevailing theme was the shift in technology from “tools you can use” to “tools that help you design what you want.” Drew Shields, director of product management at Trading Technologies, said that his firm is more focused on using a variety of technology…

Building Bricks: TBricks Could Be New Cornerstone For Orc Interview,Tech / HFT,Video

Jonas Hansbo and his team left Orc in 2006 to focus on his own brand of trading and financial technology with a startup called TBricks. But Hansbo and his colleagues were brought back to the mothership in January when when Orc purchased TBricks. Now, Hansbo, who serves as chief strategy officer for Orc, said the two firms will bring their respective strengths together. “Orc has been evolving since we left it, and very much focused on reinventing their electronic trading platform for connectivity and electronic execution,” Hansbo said. “So what we thought would be a very interesting fit for the…

Jeremie Bacon on Taking the Reins at ORC Americas and Modular Technology Interview,Tech / HFT,Video

After a decade of running his own technology firm, Jeremie Bacon decided it was time for a new challenge. In May, he took the reins as president of Orc Americas, the Chicago-based subsidiary of Orc Group. Bacon sat down with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf to talk about why decided to leave the firm he co-founded, Backstop Solutions, a software-as-a-service company in the alternative investment space. Bacon said he was impressed with ORC’s established footprint in the industry and reputation it has built since its launch in 1987. He also likes the relatively new ownership structure of the firm. ORC, which…

JLN Options: Not Enough Reform on Derivatives Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Not Enough Reform on DerivativesThe New York Times (Editorial)On Thursday, several bills to pre-empt the regulation of derivatives will be the focus of a hearing in the House Financial Services Committee. The bills, which have already passed the Agriculture Committee, must be stopped if the world is to be made safe from reckless risk-taking by banks. As it turns out, Representative Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas and the new head of the Financial Services Committee, may be the man to stop them. S&P 500 hits new record high; financials leadAngela Moon, ReutersStocks rose more than 1 percent on…

John Lothian Newsletter: Bats in talks with FSA over exchange licence; CME reopens claims process for MF Global customers; EEX May Struggle to Take ICE Carbon Share John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Bats Chi-X Europe is asking to be licensed as an official exchange, seeking to turn up the heat on rivals in London.  CME Group is giving ex-clients of failed brokerage MF Global a second chance to file claims against property owned by the dead company.  EEX got the nod to sell EU emission credits, but a Barclays analyst is skeptical of how much of a dent the exchange can make in rival ICE Futures Europe’s futures volume.