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Top Options Stories of 2017 Countdown Feature,Video,video

Listicles are occasionally the butt of jokes – Buzzfeed knows – but what about listideos? With 2017 in the bag, we at JLN thought we’d recap the year in options with a list of the big stories and trends – and there were a number. Below are links to stories referenced in the countdown. When a theme is addressed, the linked story is indicative of the theme.  11) Development of crypto derivatives 10) BOX opens a trading floor 9) Nasdaq to launch VIX alternative 8) MIAX opens second exchange, Pearl 7) Broker fee wars 6) Vela acquires OptionsCity 5) Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)…

On The Move: Vela Makes its second fintech acquisition in the last two months, acquiring Object Trading in addition to the OptionsCity deal that closed in June. Blog,Feature,Mwiki

Vela Trading Technologies has been on an acquisition binge since rebranding from its former incarnations as SR Labs and Wombat Financial Software – at least, if you can call two a binge. Less than a month after buying OptionsCity, the fintech company that provided electronic options and futures trading, Vela has announced it will acquire Object Trading, a global direct market access provider located in London. According to Vela’s CEO, Jennifer Nayar, Vela is very strong in the market data space but not as much in direct market access, and the Object Trading acquisition helps Vela to be a “much…

Academics Clash Over VIX Bragging Rights; ’50 Cent’ Just Reloaded With a Big Hedge Against a Stock Selloff; CFTC commissioner to depart amid ‘intolerable’ situation Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Bits & Pieces By John J. Lothian CFTC Commissioner Sharon Bowen has had enough. Or more accurately, she can do the math and her best move is to step aside and let the Washington political process proceed. Congress likes to send up paired nominees for confirmation to the CFTC, but we need two Republicans and one Democrat confirmed to get to the full five-member CFTC. By stepping down, Bowen sets up the ability of Congress to send up a pair of Democrats to go with the pair of Republicans. Hats off to Bowen for her work on…

Impact: Navigating Regulation and What Comes Next, Part 1 Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Feature,Fintech,Mwiki,Regulation & Enforcement,Video,video

At FIA Expo 2016, JLN spoke with a variety of participants in today’s markets about the ongoing effects of regulation and what those mean for the future of their businesses.   In Part 1 of our three-part series, Phupinder Gill, CEO of CME Group; Drew Shields, CTO of Trading Technologies; Dave Snowdon, co-founder, director and CTO of Metamako; and Hazem Dawani, president and CEO of OptionsCity, provide their thoughts on subjects ranging from issues with MiFID II clock synchronization to the shifting clearing landscape.  

An Options Contract That’s Not for the Faint of Heart; Why A Resilient Risk Management and Internal Control Infrastructure Matters; “Election Certainty” Not Showing Up In SPX Options Market Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Last Chance to Sign Up For London MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity Event By John J. Lothian On Friday the registration for the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity event in London will close. You can still sign up your interns, newer employees or anyone interested here. The event is FREE and not to be missed. We have a great line-up of speakers, though we have a couple of changes to announce. Paul Christensen and Jeremy Grant had to step aside as conflicts came up. The FT’s Phillip Stafford has agreed to step in for Mr. Grant. We…

Sweet 16: The Tops for 2016 Special Report

At last fall’s FIA Expo Chicago, John Lothian News partnered with Cinnober Financial Technology to  bring you industry conversations, where we conduct short interviews with industry participants on the important topics facing the financial markets. The 2015 theme is “Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016.” What technology, regulation, exchange or macroeconomic issue or trend will be most important to our industry next year? We will take the 16 best ideas and thoughts and package them in a John Lothian News video series. Here is what our participants had to say: Part 1 – Exchanges: Exchange leaders will be dealing with…

Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016 – Technology Interview,Special Report,Tech / HFT,Video

Technology is the lifeblood of the financial markets. As we look ahead in our Sweet 16 series at 2016, here are four ideas from Matthew Rees, Hazem Dawani, Adam Honore and Matt Hughes – about where we are headed with new technology.

Data and Fintech Rocking the Free World Blog,Tech / HFT

(Editor’s Note – Scroll down to see the entire story. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.)

FinTech Exchange Chicago Gets Democratic Blog

FinTech Exchange Chicago 2015, hosted by Barchart, was held on April 23 and featured a host of great speakers. Scroll down to see the “Best of the Lightning Round” video, or several of the full presentations. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.