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BOX’s Focus in 2017: Improved Tech and a Trading Floor Blog

Much of 2017 for BOX depends on whether the exchange will get approval for its proposed trading floor. In this video from the Options Industry Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., BOX CEO Ed Boyle spoke about BOX’s motivation to open a floor, revamping the exchange’s matching engine, and helping market makers do business.      

Options Adoption: Growth Potential in the Advisory Space Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

In this JLN video, Emily Sweet, senior analyst with Cerulli Associates, goes through some key findings from a study the firm conducted titled “How Financial Advisors Use and Think About Exchange-listed Options.” The study, sponsored by the Options Industry Council, surveyed 600-plus financial advisors who both use and do not use options on behalf of clients. There were a few key takeaways. One substantial hurdle to using options cited by those who had stopped using the instrument was the time needed to manage options trades. The other main roadblock is simply confidence. Advisors need to be educated — 50 percent…

Hurdling Options Obstacles: OptionsPlay Finds Advisors Need as Much Help as Retail Investors Blog,Options

When trading options, the options chain is both an advertisement and entry point for the retail investor. But for an options novice, a chart of prices for puts and calls is not the most clear or engaging means of joining the fray. Founded in 2012, OptionsPlay has some 70,000 users and aims to remove the clutter and noise from trading options with straightforward explanations, strategy visualizations, strategy recommendations and technical data and analysis. What founder Mark Engelhardt and crew didn’t realize when they started the firm was that it’s not only retail traders who need an assist— financial advisors are…

John Lothian Newsletter: Exchanges, Schwab criticize SEC market structure committee; New OIC Study Shows Increased Knowledge of Listed Options by Investors; SEC signals tighter rules governing Treasury bond market John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Reaching Out: Middle East Exchanges (Almost) Ready and Waiting By Jim Kharouf, JLN The World Federation of Exchanges Qatar 2015 Annual Meeting kicked off on Tuesday in Doha. It’s an interesting place as the Qataris attempt to win the award for city with the most construction. If China still holds the lead in terms of construction cranes, Qatar cannot be far behind, as it continues to prepare for the World Cup Soccer event now just seven short years away. But it’s more than Doha’s 24/7 construction zones. This is a country that is striving to compete as a…

Options – A Must Have in Every Advisers’ Toolbox Commentary,Options

Catherine Clay

By Catherine Clay, CEO of Livevol Yesterday, I wrote about the increase in option volumes from “Mom and Pop” traders. Today I want to note the increased trading volumes originating from independent option advisers. Before 2004, many advisers did not trade options, saying they were too expensive and complex. But recently, especially after 2008, adviser use has grown tremendously, spurred on by a greater understanding of options, lower transaction costs, tighter bid/ask spreads, and increased ease of execution.  Risk management, however, seems to be the primary driver for most advisers. That’s what the Options Industry Council (OIC) reported in a…

Changing of the guard: Mike Cahill talks about new CEO post at OCC, and how things aren’t really changing Interview,Options

Michael E. Cahill

Changing of the guard: Mike Cahill talks about new CEO post at OCC, and how things aren’t really changing Yesterday, Mike Cahill was named as the next CEO of the OCC, (formerly Options Clearing Corporation. The move marks a historical changing of the guard at OCC.  Cahill, currently president and COO at OCC, will take the post on January 1, 2014 and succeeds Wayne Luthringshausen, who has held the chairman and CEO posts for 40 years and is retiring at year end. The executive chairman’s position will be separated from the CEO post, and a search is still ongoing for…

JLN Options: Meet the Biggest Bear Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Meet the Biggest BearSteven M. Sears – Barron’sRecent trading by one major investor implies that he sees the VIX, now around 16.8, more than doubling by August. Wall Street Week Ahead: Fed fears may be gone but brace for volatilityAngela Moon – ReutersPanic selling on fears of an early exit of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s stimulus efforts may be over, but the stock market may still face wild intraday swings as investors scramble to position themselves for Friday’s payrolls report. VIX Sends the Market Good VibesBrian Stutland – CNBCThe market is rising, but not as quickly as the…

Alan Grigoletto on OIC’s new education efforts Interview,Options,Video

Alan Grigoletto

Alan Grigoletto was recently promoted to vice president, education at the Options Industry Council (OIC), where he is responsible for expanding OIC’s educational efforts, including developing educational programs for the European markets.  He was interviewed by Sarah Rudolph of John Lothian News about the challenges for market makers in the current atmosphere and OIC’s response to those issues, the growing use of options by pension funds and others, what’s ahead for options volume, and the OIC’s new seminars for 2013.

John Lothian News Top Stories of 2011 Blog,Environmental/Energy,Financials,Managed Futures,Metals,Options,Regulation,Tech / HFT

John Lothian

We’ve created a list of the five most influential stories of 2011 for each of our newsletters, as well as from MarketsReformWiki, to help define what was a very eventful year across almost every market and industry sector. The year was punctuated by one major story inside another. The bankruptcy of MF Global, which requires its own top five list, became tied to another top story, the European sovereign debt crisis sequel – Greece and Italy. Of course, the downgrade of U.S. debt in August and assorted European states raised the ire of politicians and regulators who called for more…