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Five Minutes with Lynn Martin Financials,Interview

Lynn Martin

Lynn Martin was just named CEO of NYSE Liffe U.S., the U.S. division of NYSE Euronext’s international derivatives business. She was previously chief operating officer at the company and senior vice president at NYSE Euronext. She has been with the exchange for twelve years. She spoke with JLN editor Sarah Rudolph about her new role, the exchange’s acquisition of the Libor index, the one-year anniversary of the DTCC GCF repo index futures, and new and forthcoming products. Q: Congratulations on being the first woman to head a U.S. exchange since the 1980s. What does that mean to you? A: Thank…

Support Bike MS to Help Fund Multiple Sclerosis Research Giving News

Bike MS

From Jennifer Ropiak of NYSE Liffe US: This year, I will join 5,000 participants for Bike MS New York City.  I will ride 30 miles to raise money for the National MS Society on October 21, 2012.  This year’s goal is to raise 3 million dollars.  I registered for Bike MS New York City because I want to do something for the people who have been diagnosed – and because I want to do everything to prevent more people from learning what it means to live with this disease. Today, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, and with a diagnosis occurring most frequently between the ages of…

Five Minutes with Cliff Weber Financials,Interview

Cliff Weber

In May 2009, NYSE Liffe U.S. signed a license agreement with MSCI Barra to offer a broad suite of domestic and international index futures products built on a range of MSCI equity indices. It’s been a over a year since NYSE Liffe U.S. became the only listing venue for MSCI Index-based products. This week, which featured a record trading day of 75,876 contracts in its MSCI Emerging Market futures contract, the exchange expanded its suite of MSCI products with the launch of Mini MSCI Canada Index Futures (MCL), Mini MSCI World Index Futures (MWL), and Mini MSCI Emerging Markets Latin…

John Lothian Newsletter: High speed traders look to restructure; Endgame nears in Plus war of words; HKEx plans LME warehousing shake-up John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

High frequency and high speed traders are looking for new playgrounds, as volume in their existing markets shrinks and competition intensifies. The increasingly bitter war over the sale vs. destruction of failed exchange Plus may come to a head on Monday as shareholders meet to decide the company’s ultimate fate. As part of its post-purchase plans for the London Metal Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange is looking at rewriting controversial warehousing rules to improve the flow of metal to buyers.  Greece votes against being rash, aggressive and hasty with its debt problems, but the early-reaction rally in Europe has already faded…

John Lothian Newsletter: Hong Kong Exchanges Said to Seek Loan for Potential LME Purchase; CME to launch world’s first cleared swaps for LNG; EU Lawmakers May Seek Ban on Bank Bonuses That Top Salary John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Hong Kong Exchanges goes after a loan to use in a bid for the LME. CME Group looks forward to next week’s launch of cleared swaps for LNG, a world first. The EU parliament gives a frowny look at bank executive bonuses given over the top of regular salaries. In the top box, you’ll find a interview with NYSE Liffe US’s Jennifer Ropiak on the metals markets; and comments from John Lothian providing the latest happenings and news within JLN.

Jennifer Ropiak of NYSE Liffe US Discusses Gold’s Market Impact & Options on Metals Interview,Metals,Video

Jennifer Ropiak, senior vice president and head of precious metals futures and options business development at NYSE Liffe US, sat down with John Lothian News editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr to discuss gold‘s impact on the markets in the past year and the exchange’s recent listing of options on metals. Ropiak also commented on factors driving volumes and opportunities for arbitrage in 2012.

John Lothian Newsletter: HFT slows down in US ahead of exchange action; Weighing SEC’s Crackdown on Fraud; Lenders Again Dealing Credit to Risky Clients John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

High frequency trading is on its way to being named “a little less frequency trading”, as activity slows down in the face of exchange rules against certain kinds of order activity. The SEC has passed the century mark in enforcement actions related to the financial crisis, but questions are still pending as to whether the agency has been effective enough. In the “This rock looks familiar” department, banks are once again urging high risk borrowers to take on more debt. And in today’s top box, Simon Rostron of Rostron Parry gets gussied up and bare-kneed in an appeal for kids.

John Lothian Newsletter: MF Global trustee warns of pay-out shortfall; SEC, Exchange Officials Meet On Market Supervision; NYSE says no more concessions for Deutsche Boerse merger John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

MF Global’s bankruptcy trustee warns that it may not be able to fully reimburse 100% of the amount that customers are missing. The “flash crash” fallout continues as the SEC steps up enforcement actions and gag orders against exchanges. NYSE Euronext deputy chief executive Dominique Cerutti claims the exchange won’t make any further concessions to gain approval from EU regulators of their merger with Deutsche Boerse. And NYSE Liffe U.S. is named ‘Exchange Of The Year’ By Risk Magazine.

John Lothian Newsletter: NYSE Euronext Plans New Contracts In Futures Challenge To CME; France to push ahead with ‘Tobin tax’ proposal; China set to bolster short selling John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

NYSE Liffe U.S. announces new interest rate futures contracts that take aim at CME Group’s market share.  France’s government moves aggressively forward on plans to establish a financial transaction tax well ahead of other nations.  China is set to boost its short-selling industry to expand the depth of its capital markets.  In banking, RBS contemplates shutting down its investment banking business, potentially putting ten thousand jobs on the negative side of that transaction.  And in today’s top box, JJLCO is hiring!  If you’ve got sales chops, high ethical standards and a big sense of humor, we’d love to hear from…