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Young Gun: Ivan Brown likes historical biographies, and other insights regarding the new head of NYSE Options Blog,Commentary,Options

In early April, Ivan Brown assumed the role of NYSE head of options.  The Options Industry Conference in May served as his unofficial, unheralded unveiling in the new position. He is an almost eight-year veteran of the exchange yet could still be called a millennial as a freshly minted 30-year-old.   Originally, Brown was with the listings group at NYSE in a strategy role before transitioning to the options side of the business after two years.  In the ensuing period, Brown worked in competitive analysis, pricing and ultimately strategy before taking the helm two months ago as the successor to…

A Breakthrough for Institutional Investors Trading SPY Options Blog,Options,Topics

Sarah Rudolph

Institutional investors such as pension funds and mutual funds are a crucial step closer to being able to take large positions on SPY options, which overlie the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust.  The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has just received approval to eliminate position limits on the options, which were previously set at 900,000 contracts. NYSE Amex Options was the first exchange to file for and receive approval to eliminate position and exercise limits for the SPY options, in August 2012.  The other options exchanges followed and received approval as well. However, FINRA still had position limits on their…

JLN Options: CBOE, Makers of VIX, To Launch a Fearless Index Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories CBOE, Makers of VIX, To Launch a Fearless IndexBrendan Conway, Barron’sMy headline is a bit cheeky, but watch tomorrow for the first dissemination of the CBOE Low Volatility Index, brought to you by the makers of the “fear gauge.” This index is actually pretty different from popular products that bear the “low volatility” moniker. **  “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (The geek in me wanted to quote from Dune about fear but I’ll spare you. –JB) **I wonder if the “fearless index” name will catch on? — SR Exchanges…

Steven Crutchfield of NYSE Discusses New Management Structure and Options Technology Interview,Options,Tech / HFT,Video

Steven Crutchfield was named CEO of NYSE Euronext’s two U.S. options exchanges, NYSE Amex Options and NYSE Arca Options earlier this month. The move marks a new management strategy for NYSE’s options markets, which had been managed separately. Crutchfield spoke with John Lothian News editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about the new management structure, new initiatives for market makers and in risk management as well as dealing with lower options volumes this year.

John Lothian Newsletter: Reform looms anew for money market funds; NYSE Amex Options to Eliminate Position Limits for Options on SPY; Japan takes its first steps John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The day after the SEC declared it would abandon its effort to reform money market funds, other regulators in and out of the US say they will step up and consider new requirements.  NYSE Amex Options exchange announces that they’ve received SEC approval to eliminate position limits on SPY options.  With the TSE-OSE merger good to go, Japan moves toward having more weight to compete globally; the Financial Times takes a look at the progress and challenges.