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Russell Suite Competition Ambiguity Raises Some Questions Americas,Blog,Commentary,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Investing & Trading,Mwiki

Exclusive. Non-exclusive. Exclusive. CME. ICE. CME again. The story of the Russell Index futures complex licensing over the years is a study in ambiguity, changing strategies and partners. We know the  will win this round as they currently hold the long term license for the products. But what will happen in the short term is ambiguous as these two global exchange giants square off and try to maintain control or pry loose the open interest in the Russell futures products. After ICE took over an exclusive Russell indexes licensing agreement from CME in 2007, CME returned the favor by recently…

2016 – The Volatility Year That Wasn’t; The Zig and Zag of 2016’s Volatilities; Kate Spade Entangled in Insider Trading Allegations Following Sale Reports Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight The year is dead. Long live the year! Spencer Doar – JLN Everybody feeling refreshed? Ready to continue barreling headlong into the unknown? Hope so – nothing will wait up for you. Speaking of not waiting up, our JLN Options newsletter was on the shelf for the holidays and despite it being a slow period, there was still news pertaining to our markets. As such, there are a some stories sprinkled in today’s newsletter from the tail end of 2016. Just before we signed off for 2016, we had Henry Schwartz of Trade Alert as a guest…

By One Measure, Traders Are the Most Bullish on Stocks Since at Least 1997; CME prepares to close New York options trading floor; Hedging Is an Afterthought for Traders With S&P 500 Near Record Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight EDITOR’S NOTE: JLN Options is happy to have Henry Schwartz, President of Trade Alert, as a guest editor this week. Complex orders (continued) Henry Schwartz – Trade Alert Yesterday we noted the steady growth option volume coming from complex orders, which now accounts for about 1/3rd of daily flow. Today’s chart shows November volume stats from the largest complex order books, and includes a snapshot of which types of spreads were the most common in yesterday’s session. (Click the image below for a larger display.) As many would expect, simple vertical call and put spreads lead the…

SPX Options Market Not Certain on Election Results; Cost of Hedging Europe Stocks Rises to Brexit High as U.S. Votes; Election 2016 – Must-Read Market Theories for Before and After the Vote Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Something is going to happen Spencer Doar – JLN So, there’s this thing happening that is a real big deal. As a result, I’ve added a U.S. Election section to the newsletter. Hopefully, we will know who won by sometime around 10 p.m. Central tonight, which was about when the 2008 and 2012 elections were called. If that is the case and it looks like there will be a peaceful transition of power, I expect our U.S. Election section will go the way of the dodo in short order. If we get some Florida nonsense or cray…

New Energy: Nasdaq Prepping For Launch Of Nasdaq Futures Interview,Video

Nasdaq Futures was announced in March with a goal of shaking up the energy futures markets. Since then, Nasdaq’s team has been busy building infrastructure and signing up new members. The question is, will they challenge the likes of CME Group’s Nymex or the Intercontinental Exchange? Hans-Ole Jochumsen said that Nasdaq Futures, or NFX, has the model to compete with established markets. Its partnership with OCC will clear its natural gas, crude oil and power futures contracts at a mere 4 cents per side. That, coupled with the Nasdaq trading engine, GENIUM INET, that is common to many in the…

Exchange CEO Series – Asian Opportunity: CME Group’s Phupinder Gill says Asia is the place to be Interview,Regulation,Video

Exchanges have never faced more challenges and opportunities than they do today. John Lothian News sat down with six exchange CEOs at the 2014 FIA Boca Conference to talk about their views on four main topics: competition, regulation, growth and technology. Phupinder Gill, CEO of CME Group, said that regulation will continue to define the competition and industry framework for the foreseeable future and rising global demand for existing and new products, particularly from Asia will drive growth. “The competitive landscape, as it stands now, is going to be largely dictated by where the regulatory landscape takes us,” Gill said….

John Lothian Newsletter: CME Sued by CFTC for Disclosing Non-Public Information; Singapore Exchange pushes iron ore futures launch to April; Cargill joins Wall Street banks as swap dealer John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group and two former employees are on the receiving end of a CFTC lawsuit alleging that the company inappropriately disclosed private information regarding customer trades. Singapore Exchange delays the start of trading on their upcoming iron ore futures contract until April, to give customers more time to prepare. Commodity broker Cargill becomes the first major non-financial company to register with the NFA as a swaps dealer.

Kevin Powers, director of sales, North America at FastMarkets Interview,Metals

Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers recently joined FastMarkets as its director of sales, North America. FastMarkets provides reporting and analysis of the metals markets and broadcasts from the floor of the London Metal Exchange every day. Their web site is  He recently spoke with JLN Metals editor Sarah Rudolph about the company’s offerings, his new role, and the road he took to end up there. Q:  Tell us about your background. You were with DTN, which was bought by Telvent, which was bought by Schneider Electric, the parent for FastMarkets? A: Yes, there were several takeovers. We had to keep changing shirts, pens…

JLN Environmental/Energy: Voluntary Carbon Offsetting Hits Three-Year High; Shale of the century; China Aims to Link With Global Markets to Cap CO2 Emissions Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Ecosystem Marketplace digs into data showing a three-year high for voluntary carbon offsets. Bloomberg reports on China’s “Aim to Link With Global Markets to Cap CO2 Emissions.” Business Green reports on a new HSBC carbon bond analysis. The print edition of The Economist dissects the numbers behind the U.S.’s “Shale of the Century.”