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Amazon and Google’s Cloud for Big Banks; Bold goals from Korean meeting John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Lessons From the “Not Guilty” Verdict in This Week’s Criminal Spoofing Trial Renato Mariotti Mariotti is a former federal prosecutor who spent almost 10 years investigating and prosecuting hundreds of cases in a wide variety of areas and is now a defense attorney. He is a former candidate for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in Illinois. Wednesday’s stunning “not guilty” verdict in United States v. Andre Flotron, only the second spoofing case ever taken to trial, is a reminder that it is extremely difficult for prosecutors to prove a defendant’s intent beyond a reasonable doubt in the…

Plummeting Volatility Gauges Mask Lingering Fears in Options; Some Soros Fund holdings may profit if stocks fall – SEC filings; Massachusetts regulator investigates trade order ‘kickbacks’ Newsletter,Options

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Lead Stories Plummeting Volatility Gauges Mask Lingering Fears in Options Luke Kawa – Bloomberg The sharp drop in volatility may hide the extent to which U.S. stock market fears still persist. So says Macro Risk Advisors head of derivatives strategy Pravit Chintawongvanich, who has zeroed in on September VIX call options with a strike price of 20 to show that there are still concerns about a sharp selloff in the near future. ***JB: Bloomberg chart suggesting something similar. Some Soros Fund holdings may profit if stocks fall: SEC filings Trevor Hunnicut – Reuters Soros Fund Management LLC, whose billionaire…

VIX’s Highest Close Since Election Sparks Record Rush to Protect; Investors ponder further shocks after North Korea jolt Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Seeking Opportunity Everywhere in the Market – JJ Kinahan “The greatest expression I’ve ever heard is, ‘The harder I work, the more opportunity I get.’” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in New York, JJ Kinahan, managing director and chief market strategist at TD Ameritrade, talks about seizing opportunity in every corner of the markets. Kinahan grew up in a large Irish-American family, and figured he would become a carpenter or an electrician. Instead, he landed a job at the CBOE one summer and never looked back. Kinahan says in the early…

SEC “Abdicated Responsibility” Regarding OCC Capital Plan; tastytrade buys Seed Futures; Gundlach’s Options Bet Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Seed Futures Acquired by tastytrade GlobeNewswire Seed Futures LLC (“Seed Futures”) today announced that its business has been acquired by dough, Inc. (d/b/a tastytrade). ****SD: This is a development worth following. The tastytrade/dough team and their new(ish) brokerage tastyworks continue to disrupt business. Seed Futures is a subsidiary of Seed CX, the SEF started two years ago (SEF designation came in August 2016) to initially trade forwards and options on industrial hemp products. Geared to all “emerging commodities,” as they phrase it, the exchange now has tradeable products like Hass avocados, organic soybeans and Persian limes….