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Cinnober’s new CEO will have to consider the next move Blog,Commentary,Feature

The news that Veronica Augustsson was out as CEO of Cinnober Financial Technologies and newcomer Peter Lenardos was in was a shock. Augustsson, who had been CEO the past six years and with the firm since 2002, grew up with the company and reached a pinnacle few women ever reach. She did so with warmth and a friendly smile, but she also had a vision to diversify the company into a variety of sectors beyond its core business of real-time clearing, risk and surveillance systems for exchanges. After all, there is a limited number of exchanges with clearing houses –…

New Roots, More Growth – Nils-Robert Persson, Cinnober Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

Last year was notable for Cinnober as the company pivoted from organic growth to outside investment to aid its expansion. The now 20-year-old real-time risk and clearing technology provider raised some $20 million from a directed share offering to fuel the development of Minium – a new Cinnober subsidiary focused on client clearing. In this sixth video from JLN’s annual series with industry leaders, Cinnober Executive Chairman Nils-Robert Persson details the company’s strategy for 2018 and it’s investment activities in 2017, including the acquisition of Ancoa, now rebranded Irisium.  

Financial Markets Leaders Remember the late Magnus Bocker Asia/Pacific,Blog,Commentary,EMEA,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Feature,Fintech,Mwiki

I asked several leaders around the exchange world to offer remembrances of Magnus Bocker, the late former CEO of SGX. To start, I shall offer my own and add additional remembrances as they come in. I first met Magnus Bocker at a Deutsche Bank investment banking financial technology conference in New York where I had been asked to moderate an exchange leader panel. Magnus was then president of Nasdaq OMX. Also on the panel was Larry Leibowitz representing NYSE Euronext. Magnus was always gracious with me. He was likable, always smiling, whip-smart and well-dressed. In fact one year at the…

Cinnober’s Persson on What Every CCP Needs in Today’s Clearing Landscape Feature,Video,video

In this video from FIA IDX, Cinnober’s Chairman of the Board, Nils-Robert Persson, takes us through recent developments in clearing and what the next steps ought to be. Persson first highlights a key shift for clearinghouses: the moment they started to clear OTC derivatives. Before that shift, clearinghouses developed their own systems — CME had SPAN, the OCC had TIMS, etc. To Persson, that was all well and good. The systems were tailored for the institutions deploying them. But when it came to OTC derivatives, clearinghouses went shopping for systems from big banks. “That’s a real problem in fact because…

Nils-Robert Persson, Cinnober Financial Technology – How to Manage a Challenge Video

“You should be prepared to walk on thin ice. It’s not dangerous if you know what you are doing.” Thirty years ago, Nils-Robert Persson left a job at communications software giant Ericsson to join the financial technology space, where he has been ever since. Back then, when one made a trade, it was a cumbersome process that involved many hands over several hours, and bank settlement took three to five days. Now, that same trade can be placed on a fifth-generation Ericsson smartphone and be matched in 100 microseconds… and bank settlement still takes three to five days. Persson says…

John Lothian Newsletter: CME weighing credit default swap futures; Block trades face higher minimums; China eases path for short sellers John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group is considering the creation of a credit-default swap futures product, which would set it toe to toe against rival IntercontinentalExchange. US regulators are considering making it tougher to execute block futures trades, as they remain concerned that market participants may look to avoid new derivatives rules. China unveils a new trading platform that makes it easier for investors to short stocks in that country. In First Read today, take a look at JLN’s latest interview; Nils-Robert Persson, executive chairman for Cinnober Financial Technology, discusses the speed of execution and clearing systems, as well as what’s next for the…

Nils-Robert Persson Talks About Cinnober and the Growth of Real-time Risk Management Interview,Regulation,Tech / HFT,Video

Nils-Robert Persson

There are some firms who are ahead of the curve and profit from it. Cinnober Financial Technology, the Swedish-based provider of electronic trading platforms was certainly one of them when it began pushing real-time risk management technology for trading and clearing platforms long before the 2008 financial crisis. Now its an integral part of the marketplace. Nils-Robert Persson, executive chairman for Cinnober spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about  the speed of execution and clearing systems, as well as what’s next for the firm.

Five Minutes with Nils-Robert Persson Interview,Tech / HFT

Nils-Robert Persson

While the industry waits for regulators to provide more direction on clearing and high frequency trading, Cinnober Financial Technology is moving forward with a high-speed risk calculating clearing solution. MarketsWiki’s Jessica Titlebaum sat down with Nils-Robert Persson, Cinnober’s executive chairman, to discuss the firm’s clearing initiatives as well as his favorite pastimes and what he likes to cook for dinner. Q. You have been at Cinnober for about 12 years now. Are there any business decisions that changed the course of direction for Cinnober? The toughest decision Cinnober ever made was when we were an extremely small company. We were…