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Options market data for stocks; Safety Trade Turns Risky as Options Players Seek Bond Hedges; Fed Raises Rates, Boosts Outlook for Borrowing Costs in 2017 Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight EDITOR’S NOTE: JLN Options is happy to have Henry Schwartz, President of Trade Alert, as a guest editor this week. Sweeping change Henry Schwartz – Trade Alert Over the past 30 years the options market has evolved from four exchanges enjoying monopolistic single-listings to a highly competitive landscape of 14 (15 in February) venues with nearly all liquid products listed on all exchanges, fragmenting liquidity and adding a great deal of complexity to even relatively small trades. Leading participants have responded to this market structure with sophisticated ‘smart routers’ designed to optimize executions in the form of…

John Lothian Newsletter: National Stock Exchange relaunches, aims to shake up U.S. industry; ASX eyes ‘blockchain’ for risk management of market trades; OPEC Sees Demand for Its Crude Oil Falling for Rest of Decade John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read MF Global Advocate Koutoulas At Center Of Controversy Again By Mark Melin – Value Walk Until recently, the derivatives industry was most often ignored, overlooked and dismissed as too complex or arcane to warrant attention in the mainstream. For many who worked deep in the industry, this was just fine. They didn’t seek the limelight or public acclaim. But scandals such as the $1.6 billion disappearance of funds in the MF Global case and a stunning if oddball fraud and suicide attempt at Peregrine Financial Group (PFG) put the industry and its regulators into the limelight. Now that…

John Lothian Newsletter: U.S. SEC gives go-ahead for sale of National Stock Exchange; Drexel, 25 Years After Its Collapse, Only Helps a Résumé; New Report Says Computer Criminals Stole Millions From Banks John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Mary Ryan, TD Ameritrade – TD Ameritrade U: Who, What, When, Where, Why & “By increasing the financial literacy in a risk-free environment, we can decrease the age of the average investor…which is going to bring more traders and investors to the marketplace.” Mary Ryan of TD Ameritrade explains the TD Ameritrade U program, which serves to educate students on trading and the financial industry. Ryan discusses the types of tools used in the program, such as giving students access to actual trading platforms, market data and trading support. The goal is to give students the most…

John Lothian Newsletter: SEC Blesses CBOE Stock Exchange’s Deal For National Stock Exchange; Fed Forecasts Pose Risk For Soft Interest-Rate Futures Volume; European Banks Prepare More Job Cuts John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The U.S. SEC gives a thumbs-up to CBOE Stock Exchange’s plan to take over the National Stock Exchange.  The Federal Reserve’s plan to make an advance timetable for its actions is creating concern that without uncertainty from meeting to meeting, trade in interest-rate futures will suffer.  In Europe, more banks are preparing to shed more jobs; and Hungary, after failing to raise enough money on its own, is now interested in an IMF loan to help pay its bills. Today’s top box contains an article by JLN editor Sarah Rudolph on the CBOE BuyWrite Index.