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Nasdaq to Provide Clearing Technology to SIX for Clearing Overhaul John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Clearing House

First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff The JLN team is home after a successful day two of MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity in New York at Nasdaq yesterday. We had 12 speakers who knocked it out of the park. Thank you to Nasdaq for hosting day two and for all our sponsors and speakers. Thank you too to the hard working JLN staff. The videos will start rolling out in the coming days and weeks.~JJL During the merit badge workshop on Tuesday at Nasdaq, Robby Lothian had to give an impromptu two minute speech as part of the badge….

Nasdaq Launches Treasury Futures Product; Cboe Europe, TP ICAP to open EU bases John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read NFX Basis Point Value Contracts; One quarter hubris, three quarters details John Lothian – JLN The hubris is mine, not Nasdaq’s. Over 20 years ago I came up with the idea for an innovative new futures contract that would improve hedging and engage speculators in new ways in fixed income trading. The idea was basis point value futures. Today, Nasdaq announced just that: a new U.S. Treasury futures product that builds on their cash Treasury market and allows customers to use “the dollar value of one basis point” to more accurately hedge a portfolio of cash Treasurys. The…

Jump Moving to Amsterdam; Trade Deadline Bets; Arbitrage Is No Fun Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Miscellany for Wednesday SD John is at the Crypto Evolved conference in New York currently. According to social media coverage of the event, Coinbase is building a low latency matching engine in Chicago. In case you missed it, Jim Kharouf had a great piece about Coinbase last week. In a stunner, Germany lost to South Korea in the World Cup this morning and was eliminated from the competition. It is the first time in living memory the winner of the previous tourney has been eliminated in the first round of play. Apparently that flies in the face…

JPM’s $65m ISDAFIX fine; EU HFT rules; Blockchain for margin and collateral? John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff The MontrÈal Exchange announced new futures on exchange-traded funds (ETF) and trust units are now available.~JJL The European Banking Authority released its 2017 annual report. A few of the key areas earmarked for extra focus in 2018 are: preparation for Basel III implementation, improving credit risk modelling, developing a common framework for non-performing loans, and third-country equivalence.~SD According to a recent study from FTSE Russell, “the green economy represents 6 percent of the market capitalization of global listed companies, approximately US$4 trillion.” That’s roughly the same as fossil fuels. ~SD Bank of Canada…

Sincere Flattery and Competition Blog,Commentary,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Fintech,Investing & Trading

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” wrote English cleric and writer Charles Caleb Colton. The NYSE and Nasdaq have flattered each other plenty over the years as they competed globally in the exchange and OTC market space. It often seemed there was not a move NYSE made that Nasdaq did not try to match or top, and vice versa. The imitation here is not that NYSE matched Nasdaq by naming a woman, Stacey Cunningham, as head of the exchange to counter Nasdaq’s Adena Friedman. Rather, both exchanges chose the best qualified candidates for the role of president or CEO….

Crypto Markets News from John Lothian News – May 15, 2018 Americas,Blockchain,Blog,Commentary,CryptoMarkets,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Fintech,Tech / HFT

crypto markets update 2

Notes from Day One at Consensus By Chuck Mackie – JLN If you had any doubts about the swelling surge of interest in cryptoassets, you only had to try and check in to [[|Coindesk’s]] [[|Consensus conference]] in midtown Manhattan around mid-morning on Monday. The line snaked its way back and forth through the 2nd floor lobby, down the escalator and out of the front door of the hotel, and it took up to two-and-a-half hours for the reported 7,700 attendees to check in for the event. Consensus began four years ago with 500 true believers in attendance, grew to 1,500…

The Options Industry Leader Series 2018 – Nasdaq’s Kevin Kennedy Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

Video series brought to you by OCC In this video from the 36th annual Options Industry Conference in Amelia Island, Fla., Kevin Kennedy, Nasdaq senior vice president and head of U.S. options, talks about how the industry weathered low volatility, Nasdaq’s proprietary product suite and capital requirement issues.     Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar  

Swaps Rules Due for Overhaul – CFTC; Ex-UBS Trader Beats Spoofing Charge John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff Andreas Preuss and Jeffrey Tessler have been replaced on the Deutsche Boerse AG Executive Board. Thomas Book, Christoph Bohm and Stephan Leithner have been appointed to the board.~JJL Yesterday’s Fintech Exchange, hosted by Barchart, kicked off with with the Startup Exchange Competition – 16 start-ups introducing their innovative companies. PanXchange won the competition, for its technology and approach to raw commodities. The company listed frac sand in October 2017. Second went to Coinifide, a start-up that is building a trading education and trading platform for cryptocurrency markets. Third place went to Freight Exchange,…

Vol or bust?; VIX lawsuits; Equity traders are killing it Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Miscellany of the Day Spencer Doar – JLN Cboe turned 45 years young and Russell Rhoads has a blog out with 45 facts about Cboe – I forgot seats were originally offered for $10,000. Using a U.S. Inflation Calculator site, the cost of a seat in 1973 is about $55,000 in today’s world. Bill Luby said in a tweet a ways back that he is working on more content for his VIX and More blog and will be dusting off the cobwebs soon. His most recent post is from May 2017. One in five financial institutions are…