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Regulators plan eleventh-hour change to Mifid share-trading rules; China to Give Foreigners Greater Access to Its Financial Sector John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read LaSalle Street Trading Tech Awards Event Reaches New Heights By John J. Lothian The LaSalle Street Trading Tech Awards event was a success last night with over 130 people in attendance to see six scouts honored with the Harlan Ten Pas Award and seven firms honored for participating in the Trading Tech 300 program in the last year. It was a successful networking event as people mixed and share stories of Scouting and the industry and talked about how to move the Trading Tech 300 program to the next level. With interest in the program from outside the…

JLN Financials: Hair of the dog risks a bigger hangover for Britain; The Treasury power play; Stock funds worldwide attract $11.5 bln after record outflow Financials,Newsletter

First Impressions Readers of JLN Financials who also receive the John Lothian Newsletter have already heard about our new market education initiatives, specifically the intern series we hosted last summer. We are now rolling out the video from those events. Today we published a two-part video talk by futures industry ambassador Leo Melamed. Please watch part one below. Leo Melamed’s History of Chicago Markets (Part 1) Leo Melamed, Chairman Emeritus at CME Group, gives a detailed history of Chicago’s financial industry. In Part One of his presentation, Melamed highlights his meeting with former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. While discussing…

John Lothian Newsletter: Commodity Niches Lure As Markets Converge; SEC Urges Reforms Of Municipal Bond Market; Hope For MF Global Clients John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Investors seeking less correlation to increasingly lumpy markets are in some cases casting a favorable eye toward real-commodity investments. The SEC points to muni bonds as a place that could use a hosing down and rule restructure.  In an unexpected turn, an MF Global bankruptcy trustee says that ex-clients of the ex-firm may actually get all their money back… maybe.