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The Spread – The Colo Down-low – 9/7 The Spread,Video,video

“The Spread” hasn’t covered Aurora, Ill. during its time on the web. We tick that box in this week’s recap.  Stories referenced:  Data Center Dynamics – CyrusOne installs 350ft tower for fast wireless access to Illinois campus (From January 2018) Crain’s Chicago Business – Data center company sues Aurora over telecom tower World Intellectual Property Review – Nasdaq patent review dropped, but court clash continues   Produced by Mike Forrester    

Nasdaq vs. MIAX lawsuit update; SIP reforms on horizon?; Commodities revenue JLN Options Newsletter,Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight X_TRADER Transformed The Industry: Now It’s Time To Do It Again Jim Kharouf – JLN The announcement that Trading Technologies will be shutting down its X_TRADER platform is not a big surprise. But what that platform has done over its 25-year lifespan certainly is. And what the new TT platform may do in the coming months and years may be equally astounding. Taking a look back, there’s not a single ISV trading platform that has had a greater impact on the industry than X_TRADER. Launched in 1994, the technology that included patented breakthroughs like the ubiquitous price…

New CyrusOne Colo Service; VIX lawsuit; Saudi options due after futures launch JLN Options Newsletter,Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight August 2018 Options Exchange Marketshare via OCC ++++ Wednesday Bits Spencer Doar – JLN Market participants have until September 14 to comment on a Nasdaq proposal “to codify the definitions of the current protocols that Participants can use to enter quotes and orders on the Exchange and introduce a new protocol.” If you’re not a market maker, consider yourself excused from reading that. Pretty much the protocol formerly known as “OTTO” is going to be “QUO.” And the old “OTTO” is going to replaced by a new, revamped “OTTO.” Got that? Cboe is continuing its rebranding efforts,…

The Options Industry Leader Series 2018 – MIAX’s Shelly Brown Feature,Video,video

In this video from the 36th annual Options Industry Conference (OIC) in Amelia Island, Fla., Shelly Brown, MIAX executive vice president, strategic planning and operations, talks about launching MIAX Emerald, its new SPIKES volatility index, and MIAX’s equity ambitions.   Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar

The Spread – Week of 4/16 to 4/20 Video,video

The options industry just got a new jewel – MIAX announced it would launch MIAX Emerald last week. For more on that and other stories from last week, check out this new edition of The Spread. Below are stories referenced in this week’s episode:  CityLab – Study: People Take More Risks at Lofty Building Heights MIAX – Miami International Holdings to Launch  New Options Exchange, MIAX Emerald Bloomberg – VIX Rigging Talk Erupts on Wall Street After Another Wild Swing Reuters – Manipulation of Europe’s stocks volatility gauge ‘very unlikely’ OIC – OIC Homepage Produced by Mike Forrester

VIX settlement surge; Reinventing equity collars; Melt-up elation for volatility gauges Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight The Week Thus Far – In Case You Missed It Spencer Doar – JLN MIAX plans to launch its third exchange, MIAX Emerald, in Q1 2019. Cboe announced it would begin disseminating a one year VIX calculation (VIX1Y) and that it is “exploring the development of a futures contract” on that index. Speaking of the VIX, it took a stroll south of 15 yesterday. Then this morning – settlement time – it went on a 30 minute run from 15ish to 17, again bringing up talk of manipulation. See the lead Financial Times story below about that…

MIAX Announces New Exchange; Cboe’s New 1-yr VIX; Strong options volume Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight MIAX Sees Green Spencer Doar – JLN The Spread episode linked to below is already missing big news! The 15 exchange-strong U.S. equity options market is getting another younger sibling from the same group – MIAX – that brought the market its 15th exchange. Named Emerald (see what they’re doing here?), the exchange is scheduled to open in Q1 2019 and will “fill a market structure niche not currently offered by the MIAX Exchange Group.” This is yet another step in MIAX’s ever-increasing presence in the options space. According to the monthly Options Liquidity Matrix (link in…

The Spread – Week of 4/9 to 4/13 and 4/16 Video,video

Don’t be confused! The plaintiff in the Cboe VIX manipulation suit is named Spencer, but has nothing to do with the host of “The Spread.” That, and more, gets cleared up in this week’s options news recap.  The following are stories referenced this week:  Crain’s Chicago Business – How the wrong bet on market volatility annihilated this mutual fund Class Action Complaint, Northern District of Illinois – Bueno vs. Cboe Financial Times – How a volatility virus infected Wall Street PRNewswire – MIAX Options and T3 Index to Launch SPIKES Volatility Index; Proprietary Products to Follow on MIAX Exchanges Business Insider –…

OCC Re-Elects Craig Donohue as Executive Chairman Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight The Future of Exchanges Will Feature More Collaboration, WFE Report Says Jim Kharouf – JLN Exchanges will have to spend more, share more and collaborate more in the coming years, according to a published report from the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and Oliver Wyman. The report, issued on Thursday at the 35th IOMA: The WFE’s Clearing & Derivatives Conference in Chicago focused on the recent trends for the exchange, CCP and market infrastructure providers since the 2008 financial crisis. / ++++++ Editor’s Notes Our next episode of The Spread will be posted Monday. According to FIA…