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Bank regulators to revise capital rules for trading risk; The Growing Influence of Asia In Derivatives Trading Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Congressional CFTC Budget Decision Lacks Vision and Reason John Lothian – JLN A reasonable person could see that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission needs an increase in its budget to address the growing responsibility it has acquired over US markets in recent years and the dramatic development and investment in fintech and cryptomarkets. A reasonable person, Democrat or Republican, would vote for the modest increase the CFTC requested unless they suffer from a chronic case of market myopia. But alas, the budget passed by the U.S. House of Representatives cuts the CFTC’s funding by $1 million…

SEC “Abdicated Responsibility” Regarding OCC Capital Plan; tastytrade buys Seed Futures; Gundlach’s Options Bet Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Seed Futures Acquired by tastytrade GlobeNewswire Seed Futures LLC (“Seed Futures”) today announced that its business has been acquired by dough, Inc. (d/b/a tastytrade). ****SD: This is a development worth following. The tastytrade/dough team and their new(ish) brokerage tastyworks continue to disrupt business. Seed Futures is a subsidiary of Seed CX, the SEF started two years ago (SEF designation came in August 2016) to initially trade forwards and options on industrial hemp products. Geared to all “emerging commodities,” as they phrase it, the exchange now has tradeable products like Hass avocados, organic soybeans and Persian limes….

Sectors Go Wild: S&P 500 Correlations Crumble; Clearinghouses Park Billions in New Fed Accounts; Yuan Options Most Bearish Since June as Traders See Sharper Drop Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Holiday Publishing Note Due to Thanksgiving, we will not be publishing this newsletter on Thursday or Friday. We will be back on Monday, albeit a few pounds heavier. A quick “Did you know?” about the holiday: Everybody has heard the old refrain that eating turkey makes people tired because of the amino acid tryptophan. However, turkey has pretty much the same amount of tryptophan as other meats and research shows that turkey doesn’t have any significant effect on drowsiness. In fact, simple overeating is the most common cause of post-meal lethargy. Tired or not, enjoy your Thanksgiving,…

JLN Options: Senator questions widespread tax dodges used by wealthy; Hedge fund failures not enough to stop asset inflows in 2015 – survey; How Unusual is the Current Volatility Lull? Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Senator questions widespread tax dodges used by wealthy Mark Schoeff Jr. – Investment News The top Democrat on the Senate tax-writing committee called Tuesday for curbing complex investment tactics that help high-net-worth investors lower their taxes. A report released by the Democratic staff of the Senate Finance Committee outlined several investment instruments — such as options, derivatives and swaps — that can be used to skirt “tens of billions of dollars” in taxation. It asserted that reining them in through legislative and regulatory changes would make the tax code fairer. ***DA: Ask 100 people to define “fair…

JLN Options: CBOE Pays Fat Dividend, Stock Tagging New Highs Newsletter,Options

LEAD STORIES CBOE Pays Fat Dividend, Stock Tagging New (via Forbes)CBOE Holdings (CBOE) has been gaining traction with an annual dividend yield of 3.9% and a long-term growth rate of 12.5%, making this options and futures leader a promising pick for investors seeking both growth and income. Volatility returns to spook Wall StreetAnora Mahmudova, Financial TimesUS equity markets began the week on slightly sour note, as stronger-than-expected durable goods data did little to lift the markets.Businesses invested far more in December, with orders for durable goods jumping 4.4 per cent. A surprise jump at the end of the year…

John Lothian Newsletter: Fall of Peregrine’s Wasendorf Presaged in Christmas Toast; Canada’s TMX in Talks to Buy Direct Edge; LSE and Singapore set to cross-trade John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

TMX Group, in the middle of being acquired, is looking to buy Direct Edge.  London Stock Exchange and Singapore Exchange create a preliminary agreement for cross-listing, possibly indicating closer ties between the exchanges. The CFTC may act on MFGlobal-prompted client-fund protection rules, now that PFGBest has lit another fire of need underneath that agency.