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Brexit, Bitcoin and Benchmarks – Garry Jones Commentary,Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

Former Liffe and LME CEO Garry Jones kicks off JLN’s annual series of interviews with industry leaders at FIA Boca. In this year’s series of some 20 videos, executives from exchanges, fintech companies and service providers give their outlook on the coming year and state of the industry.  Jones, no longer under his LME non-compete, talks about the challenge of Brexit, the hurdles facing cryptocurrency trading in Europe and the potential effects of new Chinese product launches on global benchmarks.  Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by John Lothian

Russell Suite Competition Ambiguity Raises Some Questions Americas,Blog,Commentary,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Investing & Trading,Mwiki

Exclusive. Non-exclusive. Exclusive. CME. ICE. CME again. The story of the Russell Index futures complex licensing over the years is a study in ambiguity, changing strategies and partners. We know the  will win this round as they currently hold the long term license for the products. But what will happen in the short term is ambiguous as these two global exchange giants square off and try to maintain control or pry loose the open interest in the Russell futures products. After ICE took over an exclusive Russell indexes licensing agreement from CME in 2007, CME returned the favor by recently…

David Norman, Essex University – What Sets Graduates Apart? MWEd,Video,video

“The industry feels like it has lost its way.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s London Event, David Norman, a lecturer at Essex University and Queen Mary University of London, discusses the current landscape of the industry and how to stand out from the competition during a job search. Every year he sees hundreds of students and found that there is no shortage of ‘doers’ — those who can successfully adapt to structure and learn a skill set. To Norman, the industry needs more people willing to think outside of the status quo and not just conform to existing norms….

Lee Hodgkinson, Euronext – Lessons from the 4-Minute Mile video

“Everything is possible; nothing is easy.” Roger Bannister, Clarence “Captain” Birdseye and Fedex founder Fred Smith all have one thing in common – they each proved that something previously declared “impossible” was not impossible, just really difficult. Whether it is the 4-minute mile, flash-frozen vegetables or getting a package delivered “absolutely, positively, anywhere overnight,” it can be done, says Euronext UK CEO Lee Hodgkinson in this MarketsWiki Education talk. He says that achieving the impossible requires focus, persistence and determination. Nothing is impossible, says Hodgkinson, except running slowly while moving your arms really fast, and trying to eat three donuts…

Eurex Euribor Fee Waiver Heats Up Euro-Fixed Income Battle Blog,Commentary,Financials

The battle for the Euribor heated up yesterday with Eurex announcing via member circular a fee waiver for its Euribor contract.  With ICE the dominant player in Euribor and NLX attempting to build a foothold, Eurex’s latest move appears to attempt to take advantage of a changing structural landscape. Eurex has been playing up the role of portfolio margining offering PRISMA in recent weeks.   With banks looking at higher capital requirements, capital efficiency is the buzz phrase of the day.  Eurex is looking to build on the liquidity of its yield curve products, and this new fee waiver, to…

Steve Brodsky, CEO, Spot Trading – My LIFFE: Markets Then and Now Tech / HFT,Video

“I know this is the most dynamic industry out there…the creative renewal in this industry is like no other.” During a time when LIFFE was battling for the Bund futures contract, Steve Brodsky, CEO of Spot Trading, remembered sitting in a meeting with Deutsche Börse and talking about how electronic trading was going to become a game changer for the marketplace. Those in the meeting proceeded to laugh. Today, electronic trading has become dominant in the financial industry, and the way futures contracts were traded changed significantly. Brodsky highlights the rise of electronic trading, from its unsure beginnings to today’s…

JLN Options: CBOE Reopens After Malfunction Shuts Options Exchange Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories CBOE Reopens After Malfunction Shuts Options ExchangeNikolaj Gammeltoft, Nina Mehta & Lu Wang, BloombergThe Chicago Board Options Exchange opened for trading three-and-a-half hours late today after a software malfunction shut the derivatives market as its top executives were away at an industry event in Las Vegas. CBOE Holdings Statement on Today’s Trading Issue Press Release (CBOE – full text)CHICAGO, IL, April 25, 2013 — CBOE Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBOE) statement regarding this morning’s trading issue: This morning, a system issue delayed the opening of options trading at Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) from 8:30 a.m. until 11:50 a.m….

JLN Options: CBOE May Retire From Police Beat Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories CBOE May Retire From Police Beat  Jacob Bunge, The Wall Street JournalThe parent of the Chicago Board Options Exchange is considering whether to separate out its regulatory division in the wake of a continuing federal probe into potential conflicts of interest, people close to the discussions said. What a ‘Global’ Market Does When AP’s Twitter Account is HackedBrendan Conway, Barron’sThe AP’s hacked Twitter account erroneously reports an explosion at the White House. The Dow drops more than 100 points instantly. Then it swiftly recovers after people realize nothing bad has happened: CME Group Mistakenly Revealed Swap Trades to Market…

Five Minutes with Dan Smalley Interview,Regulation

Dan Smalley

It was arguably one of the most exciting times in derivatives history when Dan Smalley took a job at the London Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). Threatened by the growth of electronic trading in nearby Germany, Smalley was part of a team that began working on LiffeConnect to prepare for the next phase of trading. Fast forward fourteen years and Smalley is living in New York leading efforts for a new chapter – this time in Fidessa’s story as they expand into futures. Smalley sat down with MarketsWiki’s Jessica Titlebaum to share his bird’s eye view of the global markets, the…