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Fintech Exchange: Changing The Market Landscape Blog,Feature,Fintech

The fourth annual Fintech Exchange event was held in Chicago on April 25 -26, with an eye toward up-and-coming companies and exchanges, as well as what’s new in the fintech space from established players. Here is a recap of the best of the two-day conference, hosted by Barchart.  

The Industry Discusses the Big Data Boom, Part II Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

At the 33rd Annual FIA Futures and Options Expo in mid-October, John Lothian News spoke with a variety of industry participants about upcoming milestones and trends in financial markets. This fourth video in the series is the second of our videos to cover the effects and future of the big data boom. In part two, Jared Broad, CEO of QuantConnect, Rob D’Arco, CEO of Rival Systems, Julie Armstrong, global head of market technology services for CME Group, Julie Winkler, chief commercial officer for CME Group, Alli Brennan, director of marketing and product management for CQG, Steve Tumen, CEO of Deep…

Deep Dive: The Boom In Big Data Could Mean Democracy For All Commentary,Feature,MarketsWiki Education,MWEd,Mwiki,Video,video

Note: Scroll to the bottom to view the video in three smaller segments.  The global financial markets are facing perhaps the biggest technological cycle in its history, with the growth of faster technology and the advent of cloud and now new data mining tools. JLN’s Jim Kharouf spoke with Drew Shields, chief technology officer at Trading Technologies and Julie Armstrong, executive director, global head of market technology services at CME Group about the latest trends in data and how that is reshaping the industry. Armstrong said that the industry trend may be toward a common data format, or even a…