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John Lothian Profiles is a series of video interviews focused on the stories of an eclectic selection of traders and the lessons they learned about trading.

Carolyn Leonard – Women In Finance Blog,Feature,Interview,Video,video

  ” I had brokers with very large decks telling me to my face that they’ve never traded with a woman, they weren’t going to trade with me and that I shouldn’t take it personally… A lot of those same guys became awesome friends, but we had a real rocky start.” In this profile video from John Lothian News, Carolyn Leonard recalls her journey through the volatile world of trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange beginning in the late ’70s. Leonard started trading after a divorce, with two young children in tow and in need of a fresh start….

Education is Everything Blog,MarketsWiki Education

There are lots of ways to get an education. One of the questions we ask in our John Lothian Profiles videos is “What did the markets teach you the hard way?” Getting taught the hard way is certainly one way to learn. But so is learning from the experiences of others. Learning from others is at the heart of the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity series. We wanted the young people looking at our industry to hear from some of the people who helped build it into what it is today, and from some of the people who are building…

Profiles: Blair Hull Interview,Video

It’s not every day you hear one of the most successful traders and businessmen in the industry say he got his start as a card counter in blackjack. “My brother-in-law told me that he made money in Lake Tahoe, enough money to pay for his vacations,” he said. “I said, ‘Well, if you do that consistently, you should be betting a lot more money and you wouldn’t have to be an accountant.’ “ So Hull put his own money where his mouth was and took up the game of blackjack for five years, learning probabilities and strategy. His success in…

Profiles: Lee Stern Interview,Video

Lee Stern has seen it all in his career – the highs of great markets and the lows of market scandal. After completing his military service in 1947, Stern enrolled in Roosevelt College and then found his way to the Chicago Board of Trade after answering an ad for a runner on the floor. From there, he began what has been a 65-year career as a trader, broker and member at the CBOT. Stern recalls the thrill of making his first spread trade and the low point in 1992, when a customer schemed to manipulate the bond market and lost…

Profiles: Neal Kottke Interview,Video

Neal Kottke

Neal Kottke, chairman of Kottke Associates in Chicago, is one of those industry veterans who has done it all in his career, from the commercial side to clearing, to starting his own clearing firm to proprietary trading. His contributions to the futures industry also included a term as chairman of the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation as well as two terms as vice chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. Kottke has seen more events and trends than most during a career that now spans four decades. In this John Lothian Profile, JLN explores Kottke’s experiences, how the markets have…

Profiles: Tom Cashman Interview,Video

Tom Cashman

Tom Cashman, a member of an iconic Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) family, is a pit trader, exchange trading floor broker and 50-year member of the exchange. Tom Cashman’s contributions to the CBOT governance are numerous, including serving as chairman of the Floor Governors Committee and chair of the CBOT’s Ethics and Integrity Committee formed following the FBI Investigations of the futures markets in the late 1980s. He has been a member of the exchange since 1962.