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London Retains Crown Top Financial Center; China to Ban Bitcoin Exchanges, Allow OTC; Miami’s Financial Center Submerges John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes By JLN Staff A quieter commemoration of 9/11 is scheduled for today, the WSJ reports.~JJL Rumi Morales has left the CME as head of CME Ventures. Additionally, Sandra Ro left the CME in July. She was head of digitization at the CME Group. Both were speakers at previous MarketsWiki Education events.~JJL Of notable financial hubs mentioned in Z/Yen’s annual Global Financial Centres Index 22 report, Chicago ranked 24th, down 17 spots from 7th last year, behind cities such as: Toronto, Sydney, Beijing, Montreal, Geneva, Vancouver and Osaka.~JK MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity attendee Catherine Orfanos…

Breaking Down Managed Futures – Jay Feuerstein Feature,MarketsWiki Education,MWEd,Video,video

“It’s a strategy that makes money over time, but actually makes a lot of money when the world blows up.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Jay Feuerstein, managing director at Budo Group, talks about managed futures and their role within finance. Feuerstein says the best time for managed futures was during the ‘87 and ‘08 market crashes. Managed futures can be volatile when interest rates fluctuate, and since the Fed is slowly starting to raise rates, it could be a good sign for an industry segment which has struggled so far in 2017.

Jay Feuerstein – 2100 Xenon Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Jay Feuerstein

Jay Feuerstein is chief executive officer and chief investment officer of 2100 Xenon, the managed futures affiliate of Old Mutual Asset Management. From January through August 2011, its managed futures program was up 13.83 percent, while its Global Long/Short Fixed Income program rose 8 percent, outpacing the BarclayHedge CTA Index, down 0.51 percent through August. JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf spoke with Feuerstein about 2100 Xenon, market volatility, challenges in the CTA space and where his firm got its name. Disclaimer: Futures and options trading involve risk. Past results are no indication of future performance.