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Investors seek more protection; Hong Kong attracting bearish options; Volatility of cryptocurrencies Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Investors seek more protection against risk of a Wall St plunge; A gauge that tracks hedging against a fall in US stocks is near a record level Joe Rennison and Nicole Bullock – Financial Times Investors are stepping up efforts to insure their portfolios against a sharp drop in US stocks, as fears intensify that Donald Trump will struggle to deliver an economic stimulus package that has helped propel the market to record levels this year. / ****SD: A CBOE SKEW index story. For more, check out Matt Moran’s blog from last Friday – Demand for Disaster Protection…

Stock Returns and Politics = Not Normal; VIX The Tail Wagging The Dog?; Euro Pressured as Volatility Rises Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Stock Returns, Like Politics, Are Not Normal; There are two primary reasons for the protracted decline in both implied and realized volatility. Dean Curnutt – Bloomberg Perhaps no consensus opinion has proven more incorrect than the notion that a Donald Trump presidency would lead to more market volatility. So range-bound has been the S&P 500 Index in 2017 that fully 60 percent of the days have produced a daily upside or downside return of less than 0.25 percentage point. / ****SD: From WSJ – Investors Grapple With Signs of Unrest and from NY Times – The Stock Market…

Jackson Hole Wonkweek Commentary,Financials

The world’s central bankers, policy wonks and other financial bigwigs head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this week for the annual retreat sponsored by the Kansas City Federal Reserve. Even though it has been four years since then-Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke surprised the markets by using Jackson Hole as the springboard for the second round of quantitative easing (QE2), the financial media still treat the event as if major policy announcements are the norm.

The Downside of Can-Kicking Commentary,Financials

Doug Ashburn

This week is sizing up to be a bit of a yawner in the forex market. I predict long periods of thumb-twiddling in between rounds of QE3 predictions. On Friday, Ben Bernanke will give a speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in which he will use a lot of big words, yet say nothing. This will not be a repeat of 2010, where he used the annual symposium of world economic leaders as a platform to announce QE2. Instead, he will wait until the next FOMC meeting, scheduled for September 12-13. ECB President Mario Draghi has decided to skip Jackson Hole…