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Execution Equalizer: Christian Hauff Talks Trade Execution Quality and TCA Interview,Tech / HFT,Video

“Today’s financial markets can be summed up in three words – global, fast, and complex.” So began the recent John Lothian News Market Structure series, which looked at the evolution of financial market structure – regulation, innovation, and the debate of the role of high frequency trading. While electronic platforms and trade algorithms have made for more efficient markets, some buyside participants believe it comes at a cost, and the cost is execution quality. Christian Hauff, co-founder and CEO of Quantitative Brokers says these same modern tools can help the buyside obtain better execution, as well as better transaction cost…

Searching for Yield: Xerxes Bhote of TJM Investments on Options Strategies for Institutional Investors Interview,Options,Video

Xerxes Bhote

The recent financial crisis has left a challenging investment environment for fund managers. With interest rates hovering at record lows and equities only having recently regained levels set 14 years ago, the typical buy-and-hold strategy may not cut it. At the public pension level, the situation is especially dire, as unemployment remains stubbornly high, as does the need for public assistance at the state and local levels. In order to keep budgets balanced, municipalities have historically underfunded pensions. Meanwhile, an aging population is projected to further strain defined benefit plans. Many have turned to alternative investments such as hedge funds,…