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The Spread: Week of 12/4 – 12/8 Video

A JLN debut! The Spread is a brief weekly recap of some of the notable activity in the options world. (It won’t always be this crypto heavy – we swear.) The following are stories referenced in this week’s episode of The Spread: WSJ – What Could Stir Up the VIX? Higher Inflation Bloomberg – Pound’s Acid Test on Brexit Is Yet to Come for Options Traders Highly Evolved Vol Blog – The Crowded Short Vol Trade JLN – Cboe Throws Launch Date Punch at Crosstown Rival CME Bloomberg – Congress Passes Two-Week Spending Bill to Avoid Dec. 9 Shutdown

Inflationary VIX shock potential and other vol catalysts; Bitcoin pushback Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable as China urges calm Soyoung Kim, Heekyong Yang – Reuters Two American B-1B heavy bombers joined large-scale combat drills over South Korea on Thursday amid warnings from North Korea that the exercises and U.S. threats have made the outbreak of war “an established fact”. / ****SD: We’ve made it this far in the “year of low volatility.” This North Korea update and the below Palestinian story are two of the first things I see scanning my feeds this morning. The other story I saw? Bitcoin hits $16k. No words……

Five Minutes With Michael Berry, Discovery Investing Interview,Metals

Michael Berry is the CEO of Discovery Investing, which has created a model for pinpointing lucrative opportunities for mining, bio-tech, high-tech and infrastructure companies. He spoke on a panel and in an individual presentation titled “Gold and Quality of Life: Convergence, Debt, De-Leveraging, and Sustaining Value” at the Initiatives in Art and Culture gold conference in New York last week. Berry talked to editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr about how an expanding global economy impacts our dependence on metals and how he helps educate investors.