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JLN Options: ’50 Cent’ Returns; Clinging to Risk; Central bank activity Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Miscellany for Thursday The new edition of FIA’s MarketVoice is available online. FANG+ Options went live at NYSE on Monday. Trade Alert is now live with VIX futures info. We started rolling out videos from FIA IDX. First up was ICE Europe’s Stuart Williams. Speaking of videos, we released a video with CME Group’s options head Derek Sammann where he talks about the franchise’s continued growth. In case you missed it, Robinhood’s options trading business is apparently booming. ++++++ None of Us Understand Probability RCM Alternatives This week kicks off the World Cup, and while the U.S….

OCC plans cash management fee; Short-vol crushed in January; Selling time to traders Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Slippery Slope: Let’s Let Markets Decide On New Contracts Jim Kharouf – JLN Do exchanges need further regulation on the contracts they launch? That is the question the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is addressing now with the so-called self-certification process for new contracts. Exchanges have not faced this type of scrutiny over the launch of a new product in recent history until Bitcoin. Several new contract ideas have been squashed by legislation or regulation, including movie futures and onion futures way back when. But for the most part, exchanges are allowed to introduce new contracts as they…

HFTers adjust; “Low” VIX in context; Chinese firms rush to FX hedges Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories High-frequency traders adjust to overcapacity and leaner times Nicole Bullock – Financial Times Recalling the years around the financial crisis may still bring a shudder to many on Wall Street, but for high-speed traders 2008-2009 were pay dirt. The high-frequency trading industry was still in an early stage. Recent regulatory change, opening the way for competition, and computing advances had paved the way for its rapid development. As markets took fright through the crisis, there was plenty of price volatility and high volumes of asset dealings — the raw materials for any trader to make money. ****SD:…