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Riding the Regtech Wave with Voice Tech – Nader Shwayhat, GreenKey Technologies Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

There are a number of angles playing into the evolution of GreenKey Technologies’ voice recognition business over the past year. The consumer sector saw the continued rise of voice assistants – who doesn’t know Alexa? Advancements in machine learning allowed GreenKey to develop its technology in ways impossible four years ago. Regulatory edicts forced companies to continue to up their compliance game and the big data boom continued to push firms to unlock information already contained in-house. Moreover, Greenkey’s relationships with IPC and OpenFin show the company’s willingness to collaborate to expand its reach. In this seventh video from JLN’s…

The Industry Discusses Cryptocurrencies and DLT, Part II Feature,Video,video

At the 33rd Annual FIA Futures and Options Expo in mid-October, John Lothian News spoke with a variety of industry participants about upcoming milestones and trends in financial markets. This sixth video in the series is the second to cover the booming cryptocurrency space and its technological underpinnings. In part two, Gary DeWaal, special counsel with Katten Muchin Rosenman, John Omahen, FIS’ head of product strategy, Anthony Tassone, founder of GreenKey Technologies and Carl Gilmore, president of Integritas Financial Consulting share their thoughts on the crypto space.