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CME’s Options Electronification Boom and Global Participation Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

CME Group’s deal to acquire NEX and become a Treasury behemoth grabbed recent headlines, overshadowing the fact that the exchange group’s options franchise has been growing like gangbusters on the screen and globally.  Recent records – there are a slew – are no happy accident.  In this video, Derek Sammann, ‎CME’s senior managing director, global head of commodities and options products, covers the catalysts behind this multi-year growth story.     Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar

Call the Guinness Book – Trading Records at CME Continue Blog,Commentary,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Options

In 2018, 40% of Eurodollar options trading, 84% of Treasury options trading on the screen  The hit parade continues over at CME Group. Its markets didn’t need a volatility spike to continue their volume and open interest trends, but CME got one anyway and benefitted, especially in the interest rate options complex. The exchange group already had record electronic daily activity in its interest rate options in January. On February 6, as market participants were still trying to wrap their heads around inflation concerns and a market selloff, CME Group saw 2.96 million interest rate options trade on Globex. The…

Getting Shorter: CBOE’s Ed Tilly Introduces Short-term VIX and Industry Taxes Interview,Options,Video

Ed Tilly

It has been half a year since Ed Tilly took over as CEO of the CBOE from Bill Brodsky, who moved to the newly created role of executive chairman. WATCH: Taking the Reins: CBOE’s Ed Tilly Makes The Transition to CEO With six months under his belt, John Lothian News Publisher John Lothian sat down with him to talk about his new job, new initiatives from the CBOE and the challenges facing the industry. In Part 2 of this interview, Tilly talks about the CBOE extending the VIX trading hours to access trading from European traders and how he expects…

John Lothian Newsletter: CME to list iron ore futures on electronic trading platform; Investors “over-estimate” impact of OTC reforms; Rising Bank Profits Tempt a Push for Tougher Rules John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group plans to list its iron ore futures products on Globex beginning in May, in a bid to boost participation. OTC market rule changes aren’t bothering the wholesale participants nearly as much as investors, who are far gloomier about the expected loss of business. Bank earnings are rolling in and looking great, and with those cheerier skies come worries that regulators may see opportunities to inject more clouds. In today’s First Read, take a look at JLN’s latest video interview; this time, Raj Mahajan of Allston Trading talks high-frequency trading with Jim Kharouf. And John Lothian makes a guest…

Five Minutes With Scot Warren Financials,Interview

Scot Warren

Scot Warren is senior managing director of equity index products and services at CME Group, a position he has held since February 2010. He is responsible for leading the company’s equity and equity index product lines, including new product launches such as the U.S. dollar-denominated Ibovespa futures contract, which is set to launch Oct. 22, 2012. Warren spoke with John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn about the new Ibovespa contract, how it differs from the existing Brazilian real-based Ibovespa that trades at BM&FBOVESPA (“BVMF”), and how this product launch fits with current trends in market participation, capital and regulation, and…

John Lothian Newsletter: Deal Size Becoming A Bigger Deal In Investment-Grade Bond Issues; Canada Examines How Benchmark Rates Get Set; Foreign outcry over ‘Volcker rule’ plans John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Corporate bond investors find themselves managing liquidity issues as bank trading partners shed their holdings in advance of tighter regulations. Canada joins in the LIBOR price-fixing hunt. The US hears strident objections from overseas regarding the impending Volcker Rule, along with strident objections and support inside the country as well. Paul Volcker tells offshore worriers, “Seriously, dudes, chill,” using a somewhat more complete vocabulary.