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CME’s Options Electronification Boom and Global Participation Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

CME Group’s deal to acquire NEX and become a Treasury behemoth grabbed recent headlines, overshadowing the fact that the exchange group’s options franchise has been growing like gangbusters on the screen and globally.  Recent records – there are a slew – are no happy accident.  In this video, Derek Sammann, ‎CME’s senior managing director, global head of commodities and options products, covers the catalysts behind this multi-year growth story.     Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar

Short volatility Waterloo; Hedging activity pop; VIX ETPs in all their glory Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Vol-cano Erupts – How’s Seth Golden Doing? Spencer Doar – JLN Last year there were a few stories that came across the desk regarding the juniorization of firms and how removing experienced senior personnel could present risks of its own. After all, if you came into the markets in the 2010s, how would you have experience with crazy drawdowns? (Myself included.) Maybe some are ahead of the curve and have at least seen Trading Places. Well, a lot of staff just gained some experience. The options and volatility stories of the day are intertwined and generally fall…

There’s a Big Technical Reason for Low Volatility in Stocks; Blame Twitter for the Death of Volatility?; Brokers Saddled with 75% of CAT Costs Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight CBOE Lifer Ed Provost Reflects on Nearly 42 Years at the Exchange Ed Provost retired as CBOE president and COO after the completion of the Bats deal. It marked an end to a 40-plus year career at the exchange. One of 13 kids, Provost came from a largely musical family. He was always interested in markets due to his father’s rapt attention to early television coverage of stocks, and Provost thought he would go the traditional financial path by entering the banking industry. In the end, it was the chance choice of the then upstart CBOE…