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CME’s Options Electronification Boom and Global Participation Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

CME Group’s deal to acquire NEX and become a Treasury behemoth grabbed recent headlines, overshadowing the fact that the exchange group’s options franchise has been growing like gangbusters on the screen and globally.  Recent records – there are a slew – are no happy accident.  In this video, Derek Sammann, ‎CME’s senior managing director, global head of commodities and options products, covers the catalysts behind this multi-year growth story.     Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar

SocGen executives ordered Libor rigging, US prosecutors believed John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff On Monday, the NYSE will launch a new equity option contract on the NYSE FANG+ Index – a new product that offers exposure to a select group of highly-traded next generation technology and tech-enabled companies. Yesterday, 2899 contracts of the FANG+ futures traded on ICE.~JJL Invest Or Wait When The Stock Market Is At An All-Time-High? The short answer always seems to be, don’t try to time the market and invest when you can.~JB As AI research continues in a myriad of fields, including finance, this should be worrying. I guess it’s like…

Future of Swiss Banking Hangs in Balance as Voters Head to Polls John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

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First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff Mark Ibbotson passed the Kilt Challenge on to the FIA’s Emma Davey at the IDX gala in support of Futures for Kids last night. Ibbotson raised £10K of his £14K goal. Of course, if you forgot, you can still donate.~JJL The Chicago Bar Association on June 8 will be presenting a program focusing on enforcement, crypto derivatives and cybersecurity, with Cliff Histed, a partner of K&L Gates LLP, leading the enforcement update panel. This in-person-only futures and derivatives update from the CBA has an impressive lineup of speakers from the CFTC, US Attorney’s…

Donald Trump has shaken my faith that markets will remain free John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff The Eurex US lawsuit against the CBOT/CME Group is still an open question, according to sources at IDX. I thought it was a done deal and the CME won, but that may have been a little premature as we await a final written ruling.~JJL Among the many interesting pitches from the innovators’ session at IDX was Ascent Technologies’ CEO Brian Clark, who said its reg tech platform was able to update a new ruleset change by the FCA in 2.5 minutes, a process the regulator said takes them 18 hours.~JK Brian Lynch, CEO…

SEC Names Valerie A. Szczepanik Senior Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovation John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff Mark Ibbotson is up to 53% of his goal of £14,000 for the kilt challenge. You are doing good, keep it up.~JJL Yesterday, Trading Technologies welcomed 10 summer interns from @Illinois_Alma @CarnegieMellon @tayloru @UMich @NorthwesternU @UofA and @miamiuniversity who will be working across eight teams in their Chicago office. Sign them up for MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity today. ~JJL Fifty years ago, Robert Kennedy was killed in California. He was someone I came to greatly respect for the way he continued to learn and grow during his lifetime. He is one of…

G-7 Members Condemn U.S. Trade Actions John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff The boys are back in town, or in the City at least, I should say. The JLN team arrived safely in London via 3 different airlines on Sunday. We are here for IDX this week and staying a 15 minute walk away from The Brewery, where the conference is to be held.~JJL Mark Ibbotson, non-executive chairman at GH Financial, is up to 51% of his goal of £14,000 in the kilt challenge for Futures for Kids. So far he has raised £7,279.49. Please help him make his goal.~JJL Here’s a different wrinkle in…

Investors in Their Pajamas on Other Side of the Trade in China John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read Can tZero and BOX Digital Markets change the face of capital markets? Jim Kharouf – John Lothian News It would not be an understatement to say that Patrick Byrne thinks big – really big – like a quadrillion dollar market. The Overstock founder and CEO has been building the firm’s tZero subsidiary, a distributed ledger platform, since 2016 in an attempt to disrupt today’s capital market structure. Last week’s announced deal with BOX Digital Markets, a sister company to BOX Options Exchange, to create a Securities and Exchange Commission regulated market that lists and trades security tokens may…

The Largest U.S. Cannabis Company Finds a Home on a Canadian Exchange John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

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First Read Q&A With Don Ross: Can Equity Markets Benefit From Auctions? Ross Looks To Disrupt The Markets With On-Demand Auctions For Stocks, Just Like The Good Ole Days Jim Kharouf – JLN CODA Markets has been pounding a steady beat for on-demand auctions since launching CODA Block, a 30-second block auction program in 2017. With a new study from ViableMkts of the auction system, data shows CODA Block generally did not create adverse market moves when initiating an auction. CODA Markets CEO Don Ross spoke with JLN’s Jim Kharouf about the study and his view on auctions throughout the…

Swarm of bidders drove up price for Chicago Stock Exchange John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff Defense Attorney Renato Mariotti has introduced a motion to dismiss the indictment of Jitesh Thakkar with prejudice, or in the alternative, for an in camera review of the grand jury transcript and to strike prejudicial language from the indictment.~JJL For the NEXGivingDay, the NEX employees in Israel have opted to support the Atid Yohana Jabotinsky Youth Village, which helps promote high-tech projects and courses to children that come from underprivileged backgrounds, and prepares them for the 21st century.~JJL Mark Ibbotson has raised 45 percent of his goal for the kilt challenge, or £6,398.38…