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CME Group’s Sean Tully Introduces Deliverable Interest Rate Swap Futures Financials,Interview,Video

Sean Tully

Sean Tully is the managing director of interest rate futures products for CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives exchange. He recently led the development and implementation of CME’s Deliverable Interest Rate Swap Futures, a new type of derivatives product that aims to offer interest rate swap exposure, combined with the liquidity, transparency and margin efficiency of a futures contract. Tully is a 20-year veteran of the financial sector who, prior to joining CME Group in August 2011, led the fixed income trading group at German banking firm WestLB and, prior to that, spent over ten years as a derivatives trader…

TradingScreen CEO Philippe Buhannic on Dodd-Frank and the Futurization of Swaps Financials,Interview,Regulation,Video

Philippe Buhannic

Philippe Buhannic, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of TradingScreen has had his feet firmly planted at the executive level in the financial industry for many years now, including in positions as a managing director at Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) and as chairman and CEO of Fimat Futures USA Inc. He recently talked with JLN Managing Editor Christine Nielsen about the current environment and outlook for the industry, including an anticipation for the futurization of swaps, a topic which has garnered a good deal of attention recently as Dodd-Frank regulation starts to take hold and new ways of doing business must…

JLN Managed Futures: Managed Futures and Hedge Funds: A Match Made in Heaven; Commodities Funds Not What They Used To Be; CME Europe to debut with 30 forex products Managed Futures,Newsletter

A new white paper by Sunrise Capital Partners calls managed futures and hedge funds “A Match Made in Heaven.” Commodity funds are not what they used to be, according to a WSJ article, as such funds’ popularity may be pushing them toward correlation with the S&P 500. And CME Group prepares to launch its London-based FX futures exchange.

JLN Managed Futures: Winton backs China’s first managed futures fund; Managed futures give stable returns; CTA Expo’s Pusateri on managed futures ETFs Managed Futures,Newsletter

U.S. hedge funds are reportedly playing “catch-up” after missing this year’s big rallies in equities and commodities, and are now piling in with leveraged money – but is it worth your two-and-twenty? The coming food shortage is having ripple effects, from Swiss regulation to the bacon on your breakfast plate. There is one thing worse than drunk-dialing an ex – drunk-buying $520 million in crude oil futures. But up first, CTA Expo founder Frank Pusateri discusses managed futures trends with John Lothian News Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf.

John Lothian Newsletter: S Korea Plans Tax On Options And Futures; U.S. Banks Told To Make Plans For Preventing Collapse; Another Day, Another Trading Glitch: RBS Owns EUR/CHF Spike John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

South Korea is planning a transaction tax for futures and options activity, and not surprisingly some say that the move could harm exchange volume in that country.  Formerly-secret plans regarding the banking industry come to light, showing that the U.S. government wants strategies in place for how banks might manage their own demise, and that government help should not be assumed in a future crisis.  RBS shuffles to the front of the class and owns up to a fat-finger currency trade that created excessive algo activity and a big price spike.

NYSE Liffe U.S. Takes on Fed Funds & LIBOR Financials,Special Report,Video

GCF Repo Index

With interest rates hovering around zero, with no lift in sight, the overnight rates market has been looking for new instruments that better reflect the market. NYSE Liffe U.S. is trying to fill that demand with its new General Collateral Finance or GCF Repo Index futures contract. The new contract, which will compete with the Fed Funds futures and LIBOR, is designed by DTCC for NYSE Liffe U.S. and is set to launch on July 16th. JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf reports on NYSE Liffe U.S.’s recent introduction of the new contract in Chicago.

Mary McHenry of the National Futures Association Discusses the NFA’s CTA Marketing Policies Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Mary McHenry is senior manager of compliance at the National Futures Association (NFA). Among the NFA’s oversight responsibilities is the monitoring of the marketing and promotional activities by commodity trading advisors (CTAs).  John Lothian News Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf spoke with McHenry about CTA promotional materials, some common mistakes made by CTAs with regard to the use of performance statistics, appropriate use of social media, and the NFA’s pre-review program.

Max Eagye – Altegris Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Max Eagye

Max Eagye is a director of Altegris Clearing Solutions, a San Diego-based introducing broker specializing segregated managed account services for institutional clients, family offices, commodity pools, hedge funds and mutual funds. John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn spoke with Eagye about the Altegris family of affiliated companies,, and emerging issues and trends in the managed futures space. Disclaimer: Altegris Clearing Solutions, a registered introducing broker and CTA, and NFA member, introduces customer accounts to futures commission merchants, recommends a platform of futures trading programs and provides futures consulting services. Altegris Clearing Solutions and its affiliates (the Altegris Companies) are…

Bart Mallon – Cole-Frieman & Mallon Interview,Regulation,Video

Bart Mallon is a partner and co-founder of Cole-Frieman & Mallon, a San-Francisco-based law firm specializing in hedge fund and alternative investment legal services. His areas of specialization include setting up offshore hedge funds and separately managed structured accounts, compliance and registration issues. Mallon is also the author of the Hedge Fund Law blog. John Lothian News Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf spoke with Mallon about managed futures mutual funds, CFTC Regulation 4.5, the Volcker Rule and other compliance issues related to managed futures.