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Emil van Essen – Emil van Essen Managed Futures Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Emil van Essen

Emil van Essen has 25 years experience trading and modeling in the futures markets and has been a CTA since 1997. His firm, now with $240 million in assets under management, has been successful with its spread trading program launched in December 2006. JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf spoke with van Essen about his trading program, how the industry evolved and the issue on most minds in the industry, what impact will MF Global have on the managed futures space. Disclaimer: Futures and options trading involve risk. Past results are no indication of future performance. Investment in this fund…

Jim Falvey – Derivatives Attorney Interview,Regulation,Video

Jim Falvey has been an attorney in the exchange and FCM space for over 15 years. He has served as general counsel of Eurex US and IntercontinentalExchange, as assistant general counsel for CME Group and, most recently, as general counsel and corporate secretary of R.J. O’Brien & Associates. He also sits on the advisory board of CMDirect, a web-based commodity trading platform. John Lothian News editor-at-large Doug Ashburn spoke with Falvey about the MF Global bankruptcy, the Volcker Rule, protection of segregated funds, conflicts of interest, and other compliance issues related to the Dodd-Frank Act.

Futures Seeing Blue Commentary,Regulation

Jim Kharouf

As regulators, exchanges and firms comb through the mess that is MF Global, its painfully clear that this industry needs some self-examination. One of the life bloods of the futures business has come from retail and individual traders who help pump in liquidity. One may argue that some, even much of that needed speculative liquidity is now being supplanted by the proprietary trading shops and other institutional players in this space. Nonetheless, MF Global’s spectacular fall has harmed the reputation of the futures industry and produced what every good broker tries to avoid – lousy and in some cases disastrous customer experiences….

Anthony Lazzara – Lido Isle Advisors Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Anthony Lazzara is co-founder and principal of Lido Isle Advisors, LLC., responsible for selecting and allocating to commodity trading advisors on behalf of the company’s clients. He spoke with JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf about what he looks for in CTAs today, which sectors of CTAs are doing well in this environment and what the CTA space needs to do to expand. Disclaimer: Futures and options trading involve risk. Past results are no indication of future performance.

Jay Feuerstein – 2100 Xenon Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Jay Feuerstein

Jay Feuerstein is chief executive officer and chief investment officer of 2100 Xenon, the managed futures affiliate of Old Mutual Asset Management. From January through August 2011, its managed futures program was up 13.83 percent, while its Global Long/Short Fixed Income program rose 8 percent, outpacing the BarclayHedge CTA Index, down 0.51 percent through August. JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf spoke with Feuerstein about 2100 Xenon, market volatility, challenges in the CTA space and where his firm got its name. Disclaimer: Futures and options trading involve risk. Past results are no indication of future performance.

Picture This: Futures Trading Has an Economic Purpose Commentary,Regulation

John Lothian

Futures trading is “legalized gambling.”  That is the message coming from the powers that be in the movie industry who don’t want two new futures exchanges to be approved by the CFTC to trade exchange traded listed derivative contracts on movie box office receipts.  These movie interests seek to delay approval of the exchanges licenses, which could effectively kill both efforts.  They have enlisted elected representatives from both the Republican and Democratic party to voice concern over the approval of both exchanges, including both Senators from the state of California. Rumblings in the futures industry indicate there is displeasure with…

Northwestern University – Basics of Hedging Using Futures and Options Blog

In Northwestern University’s Basics of Hedging Using Futures and Options course, students will examine the use of exchange-traded derivative contracts to offset risk in the underlying cash market. Topics discussed will include the history and role of the exchange, the difference between the cash market and the futures market, futures contract specifications and settlement procedures, trade clearing and the margining process, as well as an introduction to price risk management. The course will be taught by instructors with significant academic as well as trading and industry experience. Students will be able to directly interact with the instructors and will benefit…